The most detrimental thing for body

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The renowned genius, Abu ‘Ali Ibn Sina, the Plato of the Muslim philosophers, the master of physicians and of philosophy, interpreted the verse  “eat and drink, but do not waste” (Qur’ān: al-A‘rāf, 7:31) from the perspective of medicine
as follows:

“I have gathered all medicine in two lines together. Beauty of speech lies in its brevity. Eat little when you eat! After eating, do not eat more until after four or five hours! Healing lies in digestion! That is, eat as little as you can digest. The most burdensome and tiresome exercise for one’s stomach and one’s self is to eat food over food.”

That is, the most detrimental thing for body is to have food over food without having four or five hour breaks between meals or stuffing various dishes upon one another just for mere pleasure.