Unity and Consultation

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“Hold fast to God’s rope all together, and split not into factions” (Āl ‘Imran 3/103)

The relationship of believers one to the other is like that of the bricks of a building – each strengthens the other. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Unity, solidarity, cooperation, being together, acting together and helping each other… All these actions and positions are advised, commanded and recommended many times to the Muslims in the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. As Muslims, we are the people of tawhid, and we are obliged to achieve unity. Unity in belief entails the unity of hearts. In modern times, achieving unity is particularly indispensable for us and it is the only way out of the chaotic atmosphere that we live in. To point out this fact, Imam Nursi says, “The most important obligatory duty of this time is establishing Islamic unity.” However, with ignorance, there can be no unity. Unity is a synthesis of ideas. This synthesis of ideas takes place through the electrical ray of knowledge. For this reason, it is understood that unity has some prerequisites for it to be established. First of all, the crisis of knowledge among Muslims should be resolved. Yet the dangers of disunity and disputes are always ready to disturb the peace of the Muslims. Sultan Selim the Grim, one of the Sultans of the Ottomans who had once established unity among the Muslims, indicates this fact in the following lines of his poetry: “The anxiety of potential disputes and controversy within my ummah, \ Makes me even in my tomb, unsteady \ Whereas unity is the only way of repulsing the attacks of enemies, \ Should the ummah not unite, greatly will I suffer.”  The basic spirit of Muslims’ true nationality is Islam.

If three 1’s do not unite or come together, they will have only the value of 3. But if they unite or come together, they will gain the value of 111. History shows the fact that a small group of sincerely united people have many times defeated a larger group who were not so motivated and resonant amongst themselves. Today, disunity among Muslims is the main reason for all our problems. The treatment to be prescribed for a great yet unfortunate continent, an illustrious yet hapless state, and a noble, high-minded people without guardian nor companion, is Islamic unity. Consultation and counsel are the keys to the brightening of Muslims’ future. The key to happiness in Muslim social life is the consultation prescribed by the Shari’a.

We are together again for the 15th issue of the Pen Magazine. In this issue, we have decided to cover the subject of unity among Muslims in all its aspects: Consultation and counsel as solutions for monolithic and authoritarian leanings in the Islamic world; The Madrasatu’z-Zahra project as a solution to the separation of modern, spiritual and Islamic disciplines in educational institutions; Imam Nursi’s Vision for Islamic Unity which is increasingly becoming apparent, day after day, for the people of faith who have clear sight; Nationalism and racism, which have fed many conflicts in the history of the world and which are now aggravated problems of the Muslims themselves; The history of Islamic unity; The necessity and importance of Islamic unity, which are persistently stressed historical experiences and also holy sources of Islam; Political and economic integration as the fruits of Islamic unity… In addition to the cover theme, we have articles on: The proofs of the existence and oneness of Allah which we will discover as we research the creation from microorganisms and little particles to the massive galaxies and systems; Disasters as facts of life and the wisdom behind them, and several other topics…

We hope that the topics covered in this issue will widen your horizons and change your perspective when you look at the Islamic world. May Allah grant us success for our future issues.