The worms formed in Prophet Job’s wounds

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Is it true that worms formed in Prophet Job’s wounds? Some Hodjas (scholar) claim that how Allah permits and puts His Messenger in such a miserable situation?  Such a trouble is not fitting to a prophet.

The Answer;

There are reliable sources about the subject. Imam Nursi, by accepting the sources, interpreted this issue in the Second Flash,

The narrative goes like this:

“As narrated Prophet Job said the sentence “Truly, affliction has visited me”[1] when the worms started to spread through his heart and tongue. Because he was afraid that he could not mention Allah and contemplate.[2]

It is not an unusual situation that Allah (SWT) has given serious illnesses and difficult conditions to some of His messengers sent as an example to people so that their patience and the acceptance of the will of Allah become beneficial examples to people for centuries.

This kind of issues cannot be evaluated by a few Hodjas (scholars) who cannot comprehend some issues. These issues must be evaluated according to the reliability of the narration and whether they are accepted by great Islamic scholars.

 [1] Anbiyaa, 21: 83

[2] Ibn ul-Esir el-Kamil, Fit-Tarih, p, 98- 100