The Union Of Ngos Of The Islamic World (UNIW)

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A conference with the title of “International NGOs of the Islamic World Conference : Research of New Vision in Changing World” was organized with the participation of NGOs over three hundred from 40 countries in Istanbul on May 1,2005. Chairman of Grand National Assembly of Turkey made a conversation in the first day and Mr. Abdullah Gül, Minister of Foreign Affairs made a conversation in the second day of the conference.


It was resolved to establish The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World by the votes representatives, attending in the conference by discussing draft regulation of Union to be constituted in the last session of the conference and Necmi SADIKOĞLU, Turkey Voluntary Organizations Foundation (TGTV) Chairman of Board of Directors was appointed as General Secretary of The Union for the first three years period. Headquarter of the Union is accepted as Istanbul. Lawyer Ali Kurt is appointed as Turkey representative of the Union.


Established Union aims to contribute the realization of peace and stability environment in the worldwide, to protect personal basic rights and liberties and to make technical works under mutual cooperation in order to improve non-government more based on participant and pluralist principles.

In this respect, main occupations of the Union composed of supplying cooperation and coordination among NGOs of the Islamic World in a frame respectful to their own constitutional systems; constituting required structural regulations under this respect, opening branches and representation offices and providing the participation into member institutions and international mechanism effectively, supporting and spreading programs under interest area of voluntary organizations and organizations towards to these, establishing joint working groups, contributing jointly the solution of problems concerning the Islamic World, displaying activity for introduction of Islamic culture and civilization, supporting all kinds of regional and local organization, aiming to establish cooperation and solidarity in the Islamic World, assisting those, who are in trouble and damaged from natural disaster when necessary by cooperating local or international charities


Council of the Union, composed of 20 different Islamic countries organized two preparation meeting in 1 May 2005 and 30 July-1 August 2005.

Official establishment process of UNIW, which was resolved to be established in 1 May 2005, terminated as of 30.12.2005. The Union of the NGOs of the Islamic World, whose establishment processes are realized in compliance with Law About Establishment of Organization in the Quality of International No: 3335, has been official by resolution of Ministers Board and our president of republic Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer in the status of “International Institution”.

Council of UNIW, whose names are written below, shall organize first official meeting in Istanbul within 23-24 March 2006 and they shall resolve about activity program and method map of the Union for the future period and shall reveal the results to the public opinion.


1- Necmi SADIKOĞLU Turkey (Secretary General)

2- Ali KURT Turkey (Deputy Secretary General)

3- Mubarak MUTAWWA Kuwait (Deputy Secretary General)

4- Salah Abd-el MUTAAL, Prof. Dr. Egypt

5- Ahmad AZAM ABDUL RAHMAN Malaysia

6- Ghulam-Nabi FAI, Dr. USA

7- Mohamed Ali Elamin MOHAMED ALI Sudan

8- Nedim KAYA Azerbaijan

9- Mohammed Naieem AKBEEK Syria

10- Mohammad Naji ALLAW Yemen

11- Hany el BANNA, Dr. UK

12- Abdurrahman PIRANI Iran

13- SURIPTO Indonesia

14- Cemalettin LATIC Bosnia

15- Shuaib Abdullatif SHEIKH Somali

16- Fuhaid M. Al- HOWAIMEL Saudi Arabia

17- Muhammed el QATTAN Bahrain

18- Muhammed SIRACH MUHAMAD… Ethiopia

19- Anis AHMAD, Prof. Dr. Pakistan

20- Husam KHRAIM Palestine


Aims of our Union, which could be considered as historical and original in terms of its establishment form and structure, with its full name The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World will be as follows:

To ensure a sustainable progress, unity, and coordination among the non-governmental organizations of the Islamic world; to contribute to the realization of an environment of justice, peace, and stability in the entire world;

To enhance the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals and communities;

To endeavor to develop further the civil society based on participatory and pluralistic principles by doing collaborative technical and social activities;

To work towards disseminating information about the Islamic culture and values.


We strongly believe that our Union, which will collect effective and strong foundations in the Islamic World under one roof, will bear very good outcomes and profits to be beneficial for Muslims in particular and all mankind worldwide.

First of all, it is absolutely essential to underline one matter: The biggest outcome and the most beautiful profit even, the highest target of this Union is again the Union itself.

Since the Union is the most vital requirement of the Islamic world, in each field and each scale. It is possible to list our outcomes of our Union briefly as follows:

We will ensure coordination between non-governmental organizations of the Islamic world.

We will aid each other for each matter. Because our Union will establish very strong helping mechanism and bridge among us and provide a solidarity ground.

We will gain representation opportunity in each platform concerning the Islamic world and in the international resolving mechanisms through this Union.

We will get re-acquainted with each other through our Union. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest diseases of the Islamic world is not to be acquainted with each other. However, acquaintance is also base of the love. As long as we get acquainted with each other, we will consider how much we are close and dependent on each other. We will observe again that there are reasons for unity rather than separation among us.

We will improve common defense reflexes and mechanisms against all our enemies that is, ignorance, poverty, malpractice and separations.

We will encourage our organizations under our Union to perform common projects.

We will use our financial funds more productively and efficiently thanks to our Union.

We will be able to participate in all important meetings, which interest us wherever in the world with the power of our Union.

We will organize worldwide conferences and meetings as being Union. Voice of the Islamic World will emerge more resonant and honorable more and more!

We will embrace and include all our non-governmental organizations and will not exclude them. Therefore, all the organizations, who have become the members of the Union, will have been collected under a large legal umbrella.

We will intervene with the resolutions about the Islamic world as accrediting to international resolving mechanisms. Even if we do not intervene with them, we will not remain quiet, uninformed and non-reactive.


The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World organized its first official meeting of Board of Directors on March 23, Thursday and organized first official General Board on the following day.

Our Board of Directors (Union Council), having 20 members, each of them representing different countries, met on Thursday with a great majority and an intensive agenda. Activity plan of the Union was prepared for the coming year and subsequent working calendar and commissions to be established was determined.


Here are the opinions concerning the Islamic world that had been agreed upon in our meetings:

The term “Islamic world” does not denote a geographical entity. Everywhere has been becoming the Islamic world gradually due to the Muslim immigration into many countries of the world and the spreading of Islam very fast. Therefore, we have determined the title our Union as The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World. We request to be troubled with the trouble of each Muslim anywhere in the world and to be the voice of the entire Islamic world.

We are very well aware of our own power. Our wealth that we have inherited from our history, the magnificent and unique splendor of the Islamic culture and civilization in addition to one and half billion Muslim populations all over the world enable us to refrain from searching power and source of wealth in any other addresses. We, the Muslims facing toward the same Qiblah, want not only our peace and well-being but also that of the whole world and we will work for them.

However, we have regretfully observed that some grim and dangerous plots are played towards the Islamic world. There are many plans to accuse and portray the members of a religion as a threat, which is by no means the insurance of the world peace and ease, in these days.

We condemn the humiliations and defamation attempts against our Dear Prophet and the anti-Islamic movements which have escalated recently in a continuous and violent way, and we invite the whole world to get acquainted with Islam and Muslims with goodwill. We believe and know that global messages of Islam are The Mercy not only for Muslims but also all mankind and the world.

International powerful centers should not cause the world to become an unlivable place, polluted with injustices and unfairness, full of blood and tear. These negative events should not be observed passively.

The bloodshed, primarily in Iraq and Palestine, should be stopped immediately. Infringed rights should be delivered to its owners; the opportunity should not be given to ugly and dark traps for the ease of the world and living the mankind together within peace.

It should be known by global powers that unjust power and illegal force will serve the injustice not justice and it recoils upon them sooner or later. No power center can live with injustice and unfairness for a long time.

We call the Islamic World to hang on the rope of Allah very tightly in union and cooperation around our spiritual values. Let us have confidence on ourselves and let us not forget that our union will be our biggest power. Justice is always superior and it will never be beaten!

The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World will work in order to offer service and effort to our people with the blessing and aid of Allah by its full power in order to establish a union in the Islamic world.

We have never been hopeless and we will never be hopeless. Since the Islamic world is not ownerless and helplessness.

I wish The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World would tend to prosperity for the Islamic world and whole mankind.

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