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Hayrat Foundation was established in 1974 in Küçükçekmece, Istanbul by Ahmed Husrev Altinbaşak, successor of Imam Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, after whom he led and continued his mission. The main targets of our foundation are declared in its official document as follows:

To establish dormitories, and to obtain food and accommodation for those students who may study at secondary schools, high schools, universities, and all kinds of technical/vocational schools and institutes,

To establish private schools, libraries, and educational institutions that run professional, cultural and special topics courses, and educate students to be highly knowledgeable, virtuous, morally upright, and patriotic,

To provide students with scholarships to study abroad to specialize in a science,

To publish and distribute all kinds of scientific, historical and religious books on which the Board of Trustees agrees unanimously,

To publish the Holy Quran, and for this aim to buy printing machines and paper from either home or abroad, and to establish printing houses,

To use and manage the donated movable and immovable belongings in line with the Foundation’s purposes, and to improve the sources of the Foundation,

To make donations to the poor, poor patients, widows, and orphans, as much as the Foundation can afford.

Hayrat Foundation has been working to achieve these graceful and lofty targets since 1974.

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  1. Dear brother! Asslamu Alikum Warahmatullah. I hope you are well and doing everything very good by the Mercy of Allah. I am Idris Ali from Bangladesh. and i study in educational administration and leadership in the department of education at international Islamic University Malaysia. My native town is patuakhali in Banagladesh. I am explaining you from my bitter experiences that in my area there many poor people they cannot manage their fundamental rights as like they have no enough food, clothes, good shelter specially better education. so, they need financial aid or help to lead a decent life. and a Islamic school should be opened for their better education. thank you so much. Wassalaam.

  2. I am pleased for your human all side help and social work worldwide. thanks all the best.

  3. Assalam O Alaikuma

    We want to help Burma Muslims Refugees with your cooperation.
    kindly inform us about the procedure.

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