The Struggle Between Will and Soul; Mind and Emotion

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The front part of human brain is named as “frontal lobe”, and it is the centre of will, reasoning and intellect. Hypothalamus- the middle part of brain- is the centre of emotion. Upon any event, hypothalamus is stimulated more or less and emotions are activated. For instance, when someone insults you, anger arises inside you. This emotion takes place at hypothalamus. As a result of this anger, you may want to yell at or kick that person. Emotion centre does not stop and goes on producing that emotion until you express your anger or control it. The moment you kick at that person, the front lobe jumps in and tries to control that emotion. Saying that it is such a rude and inappropriate behaviour in the society, and that will bring nothing but harm in the long term, it suppresses and stops the wish of that emotion.

Another example: imagine that your friend gives you a present and says that it is a special gift for you; but he gets your promise that you will open the package in the evening. This is the point where the struggle between reason and emotion starts. Curiosity urges you to open the package right away. Reason objects this wish and reminds you of your promise. Whichever is strong, it wins the struggle.

The adventure of human life passes through these struggles between front lobe representing reason and the middle part of brain representing emotion. Will and soul struggle by using these two parts. Sure enough, it is not as simple as it is in this example. There are other parameters like Satan, destiny, knowledge and piety.

It is an example of reason and emotion’s struggle that one day having come to a fork way two friends make decisions (the Third Word). On the one hand, there is a secure road but a compulsory of carrying a backpack and weapon; on the other hand, there is a high risky road but seemingly an easy trip. Reason reasonably requires choosing the first way. However, with the urge of soul, emotion centre desires to choose the way of freedom; or seeing the hardship, and wishes to get away from it; because, human soul never wants to experience hardship. Moreover, emotions are not long-term-oriented; the middle part of brain cannot think about the future sufferings that human will bear. It wants to escape from present emotions it does not

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like. At this point, the reason and emotion begin struggling. If thinking and reasoning of the person are good or he knows how to rein back his emotions, he chooses the first way.

The Third Word says to the one reading it, “When you follow instant desires, you might feel good in the short term, but you make loss in the long run.

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For this reason, do not get carried away with the instant desires of your soul and emotions! Use your will and mind, strengthen them. Rein back your desires and soul.

In fact, comprising patience and hardship, the worship trains the soul as well as strengthening the will. Worships like daily prayers, fasting and charity teach human to rein back his emotions and desires. While practicing daily prayers, human body suffer hardship, and the emotion of comfort is smoothed. Practicing the prayers in different times makes human obtain discipline. Someone fasting postpones his desire despite the feeling of hunger. In that way human soul learns to postpone the desires and to wait.

Well then, how can human strengthen his will and rein back his soul? Ustad shows the iman as a way for this. The way to strengthen the will is iman. Ustad also mentions four factors that iman gives human and which strengthen the will and train the emotions. These four factors are worship, reliance, tawheed and submission.

Reliance teaches patience. It says, “After doing the part of job that belongs to you, patience is rest of your job.” It suggests, “Do not haste! Rely on your Lord and learn to wait.” Tawheed reminds human to accept one Creator, attach to Him and shape the life according to His wishes. It constantly repeats that human should limit the desires of soul and extravagancy of emotions. Submission makes human to obtain consent to destiny and face every hardship in his life with solidity.

Human’s happiness in both worlds depend on his will and mind’s reining back the soul and emotions. And iman is the way to that. For iman disciplines the human soul with tawheed, submission, reliance and worship.