The source and cure of stress

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The human health is threatened by various diseases each of which has a definite cause; similarly, some fears and anxieties threatening mental health and some spiritual problems such as the feeling of deadlock, and the like of them all have a definite underlying reason.

In spite of the fact that human is ontologically weak and powerless, his belief guides him that there is someone who is capable of everything, and shows him someone who has everything. Above all, there exists One to help him out regardless of how poor and needy he is. His belief helps to overcome the feeling of deadlock by showing the address of the solution in issues he cannot solve, and it saves him from the stress brought by the deadlock.

His faith says to human: O human! You can be helpless and poor like a child in the face of life’s difficulties. You can have a hard time protecting yourself from everything you fear and it could at times be challenging to get rid of your worries. But don’t forget! You didn’t exist by yourself! Just as you have parents as a caring family, who have brought you to the world and nurtured and raised you to this day, you also have a Lord, Who has created you and who meets your needs and nourishes you all. So you are neither without a protector and nor are you helpless like an orphan child. He has infinite power and means to relieve your distress and meet your needs.

As for disbelief, it says: O human! You are like an orphan child. Nobody has created you, you are a lonely being without a protector in this world. You are desperate like an orphan in the face of the problems that you have trouble to solve and the needs that you have trouble to meet. In other words, its solution is “having no solution” and thus it increases the trouble.

Seeing a solution gives hope and relieves stress. The lack of solution depresses the person, brings a feeling of deadlock and brings stress. In this case, the real source of the agony of the soul, the gloom of the heart is disbelief. It is impossible to cure a disease without diagnosing its origin correctly. The main source of stress is the feeling of having no solution. The solution of stress is possible by removing the state of having no solution. Since the lack of a solution is caused by thinking oneself to be without protector and helpless, and since this is caused by disbelief, it is necessary to get rid of disbelief in order to eliminate stress. So the source of stress is disbelief; its solution is to believe, to rely on the power one believes in and to trust it.

Attempting to solve the stress derived from faithlessness by way of alcohol consumption and being immersed in impermissible entertainment is an equally wrong treatment as the cause of your spiritual discomfort. It cannot save the soul completely from the stress, but it also harms the body. Alcohol and antidepressant drugs can never eliminate stress. They are like putting of a bandage on the wound without treating the wound or using painkillers. It may somehow reduce the excruciating pain for a while or distract your attention so that you forget your suffering a bit yet it does not cure your wound whatsoever.

Stress is not a physical but a spiritual disease. Its main source is not the bad events but disbelief. The real remedy for getting rid of stress and finding peace is not the material means. Belief and relying on the Power they believe in is a spiritual cure for the person who suffers from stress. Peace – just like stress- is not rooted from material sources but from immaterial ones.

The clearest proof that it is spiritual, not material, is the situation of the prophets and the wealthy who do not have faith. Although the prophets who were mostly not financially capable and many of the cases were under really deprived conditions, they have lived extremely stress-free, happy and peaceful life. Even though they faced many severe physical problems throughout their life, their life was filled with inner peace and integrity. It was as if while their bodies were tortured in the dungeon, their souls lived in peaceful palaces like kings who enjoyed worldly bounties of life.

The two outstanding proofs that the prophets really felt peace in their lives even in times of pressing conditions and in distress are as follows: They spoke extremely balanced and with wisdom when they spoke. Someone in stress normally cannot speak wisely and in a balanced way. The second proof is that they were spiritually mature enough to be merciful even to those who do evil to them. If they were stressed, they could have been extremely unkind towards their own friends let alone their enemies. Under such extreme circumstances where they were tortured, exiled, stoned and forth, they were patient and kind. Even at times, he had the exact right moment for us to shout at others or be angry with friends and family members, which would have made everyone hate them and keep them away from them, the prophets kept silent, forgave people sincerely and preserved their friendship genuinely.

On the other hand, we see some rich people without faith. Despite the fact that they have more financial capabilities than many people could ever imagine, they need psychological support, they use antidepressants or sleeping pills, or feel themselves in need of alcohol to rid of their worries. In order to be happy and worry-free, they have all one can possibly have. Why can they still not get rid of stress, why do they need things like alcohol? They have the financial capacity more than others? Their soul is full of sorrows and this world feels narrow to them. So, one can say that financial power does not the capacity to cure stress and it is not the means of peace.

If life’s material difficulties were the real source of stress, the prophets should have drowned in stress and freaked out in the face of so many physical difficulties. If the financial capabilities of the world were the real source of peace and happiness, the rich should have been filled with happiness and never get stressed. Yet, this is not the case.

Whoever has faith and fulfils the requirement of his faith feels peace in his heart and becomes happy. Whether he is poor or rich does not matter. Whoever has no faith is stressed. Whether he is rich or poor does not matter.

All in all, stress is not the inevitable result of life, but the bitter bill of faithlessness. Drinking, smoking, use of intoxicants and similar substances that defeat and cancel one’s consciousness and numbs the feelings are not a medicine that treats stress, but they are a tool that silences the suffering of disease apparently and harms the body. Although it seems to stop the pain for some time, it is deeply rooted in one’s heart and it should be handled with accordingly. The cure should comfort one’s heart. The cure is the belief!