The Pen 21st Issue

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January-June 2014

A Strong Commentary of the Holy Qur’an: Risale-i Nur

Risale-i Nur is a Commentary of the Holy Quran Altınbaşak Academic Research Board

Risale-i Nur is such a strong tafseer, which expresses, explains, and proves the truths of faith of the Qur’an with strong evidence and proof, that it silences the most obstinate philosophers who deny the existence of Allah Subhanahu wa Taʿala.

Editor’s Letter Yunus Emre PEHLİVAN

Leadership and Modesty İdris TÜZÜN

Humble leaders become successful and, more importantly, attain the pleasure of Allah Subhanahu wa Taʿala.

The Miraculous Inimitability of the Word of Allah Hasan SPIKER

The Qur’an is the inimitable, eternal Divine address to mankind.

Luminous Workers of the Universe: Angels Zafer ZENGİN

Malaika are dutiful living creatures that serve Allah Subhanahu wa Taʽala everywhere.

Imam Bediuzzaman and His Movement of Belief in the 20th Century Muhlis KÖRPE

Imam Said Nursi defended the tenets of iman against the disbelief and saved the faith of millions of people with the strong rational evidences he presented in the Risale-i Nur.

Risale-i Nur is a Commentary of the Holy Quran Altınbaşak Academic Research Board

The key to limitless power The First Word from the Risale-i Nur Collection

Saying ‘in the name of Allah’ binds man to a power and mercy that are limitless.

Social Harms of Interest Cengizhan SALİH

Interest, which is an undeserved gain, leads to the breakdown of the social order. To abolish it would close the door to many conflicts it causes.

Common Mistakes in Child Education Feyza BİLİR

We must love our children despite everything and raise them for both this world and the hereafter.

Katip Çelebi and Knowledge H.Halid ATLI

ʿIlm is a blessing of Allah Subhanahu wa Taʿala that He bestows on those who seek it.

Backbiting: Killer of Social Life Muhammed GÜZEL

Giybah is a denounced deed that ruins the social relationships and consumes the good deeds of the backbiter.

Prayer Atmosphere Enes ÇALIK

Duaʿ is a priceless blessing that makes us closer to Allah Subhanahu wa Taʿala in every moment of life.

Jawshan al-Kabir Feridun IŞIKLI

Jawshan is a unique duaʿ of our Prophet which is like a shield protecting us from material and spiritual dangers with Allah’s permission.

The gains of the Islamic Unity Arif Emre GÜNDÜZ

Ittihad will save the oppressed from tyranny and help many people to see the guidance of the religion of tawhid.

Amirs of the People of Paradise: Huffaz of the Qur’an F.Rufeyde SAFTEKİN

Huffaz are the beloveds of our Prophet who praised them many times.

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