The Meaning Of Tewafuq

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Tewafuq has the dictionary meaning of “to be correlated to each other in some way” and “to be in a pleasant coherence, correspondence and conformity with each other”.

The Qur’an in tewafuq, which has gained great interest and popularity of our people today, has only been succeeded to be written with Ahmed Husrev Effendi’s utmost efforts under difficult circumstances.

Having started in the Barla Region of Isparta, the luminous journey of the Qur’an in Tewafuq continued in Ahmed Husrev Effendi’s house in Isparta and finally came to an end in Istanbul.

He wrote the Qur’an in Tewafuq nine times.

Having gratuitously transferred forever all the rights of the Qur’an he wrote, to the foundation which he set up, Husrev Effendi has made history as an exceptional servant of the Qur’an.

Husrev Effendi dedicated his entire life to the service of the Qur’an, having shown all the attributes of this expression. He has shown the tewafuq aspect of the Qur’an which proves even for those relying on only their eyes that the Qur’an is the word of Allah. He has also helped the luminous message of the Qur’an to refresh in millions of hearts with his easily read style.

The Qur’an in Tewafuq, having been confirmed as faultless by the most senior authorities, is printed and presented to the Islamic World by Hayrat Press Co. with respect and care in accordance with the sincerity of its writing period.

Today millions of people recite the Qur’an in Tewafuq which have been written by the blessed pen of Husrev Efendi and benefit from the vast miraculous ocean of the Qur’an until satisfied.