The light behind the dark

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Praise be to our Lord, Who creates good and evil and makes everything He creates beautiful, Who commands fine-good treatment against all things, Who puts an ease beside every difficulty, and a light behind every darkness.

Peace and blessings to our beloved Prophet, who said الخيرُ فيما اختارَه الله “There is khayr (goodness) in what Allah chooses”, who is the guide of direction for our world of thought!

The perspective of the ‘worshipping of apparent’ is a thick curtain drawn in front of the truth. Frivolousness and impetuousness is a coarse veil that covers the wisdom. Superficial evaluations, arbitrary interpretations are deep valleys that cross the path of the truth. These perspectives, which prevent us from getting to the inside of the events, the truth of the issues and the depth of the information, make us restless and hopeless. Especially in the face of social events, making evaluations based solely on those events themselves leads to an unhealthy and inconclusive perspective.

It is possible to evaluate multidimensional events, which are adorned with unlimited wisdom, in a clear and accurate way by seeing the past and future in one moment and knowing everything. And this is a phenomenon beyond the capability of human. However, it is possible to draw a wisdom lesson by looking at the consequences of the events that have taken place in the past.

In the Age of Bliss, fearful, bloody mischiefs like the Event of Jamal, the Battle of Siffin and the Karbala that occurred to the Companions, are apparently appalling troubles and terrifying calamities. When we look at these incidents, which tear one’s heart out, with regards to their results and from the perspective of wisdom and lesson, we see that they hide many secrets and fruits within themselves. Unfortunately, these kinds of events, which constitute the basis of the problems that the Islamic world is afflicted with, are still not read correctly and cannot be evaluated from a solid point of view.

After these horrific events, when especially the Companions and the leading figures of the Followers (Tabi’un) saw that Islam was in danger and a great fire surrounded the Muslims, they became frightened and started to work with seriousness and effort for the preservation of Islam. Some of them tried to preserve the hadiths, some to protect the Shari’a, some to make the truths of faith take root in the hearts, and some worked for the preservation of the Qur’an. Each group set to a different work, and they have fulfilled their duties seriously in the Islamic cause. And after these horrific events, Islam reached all around the world and turned half of the globe into a rose garden.

The Companions based themselves on the cause of faith in those complicated events and directed themselves to that cause which was their primary and first duty. This period, which was shaken by the power and majesty of our Lord, stimulated the Companions and made many enlightened mujtahid, luminous scholars of hadith, blessed hafiz and lots of asfiya and aqtab immigrate to various parts of the Islamic world [for dawah]. When we look at the history of Islam with the gaze of wisdom and lesson, we will see that Allah Almighty has hidden many beautiful flowers of mercy behind these troubling and depressive events. The times when the prophets, who are the guidance guides, and the mujaddids, who are the correctors, were sent are a good example for this.

In the universe, good deed, beauty and maturation are essential, and they are the true purpose. So one should not forget this general rule in the face of events. He should not leave this general rule and be drown in apparent ugliness. He should not judge without knowing the inside of events, and should rely on the veil of wisdom and the window of mercy behind the events. Knowing that unfortunate events and seemingly ugly events have a real beauty aspect, one should try to read the life and the events in life together with their good results. In this way, one is saved from drowning in the events that he cannot control and in the events of the world. Peace be with you.