The happiest in the World

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The happiest is he who knows the purpose of life and lives accordingly.

The entire things man do is for nothing but to be happy. He grows to be happy, studies and works to be happy, gets a job and married to be happy, and retires to be happy. However, not so many people seem happy in the world. Many suppose that certain groups of people are (and must be) the happiest in this life. Who are those happy people?

The children? They are the happiest, no doubt about it, if they are not suffering disasters. Today millions of children live in very bad conditions and suffer a lot.

The young? They are strong, energetic, handsome or beautiful. However, this is transient. They get old. Although most of young are not aware of this, it does not take much time for them to awake.

The artist? Fame is the thing they passionately want and they really get it in this global age than ever. Even an average artist is today known by millions. However, new generations give birth to new artists; and todays’ are forgotten to be finally remembered in an obituary.

The rich? Apparently they are the happiest. They have anything a man want. But “the money is not enough to be happy,” many confess. And the wealth last only till the grave

The leader? They command people, or an entire country, or states, or even the World. They rule for years and sometimes for decades. But at the end of the day they are to be mentioned as ex-minister or president; and forgotten.

The believer? If man’s religion is explaining the purpose of life and its meaning reasonably, and presenting the proofs for the right path, he can really be happy. But just having belief is not enough; practicing the obligatory is the way for real happiness.

After all to be really happy is not possible in this life. Death is there waiting every man. Even if a man lives in prosperity till the end of

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his life, death finally spoils it. So man desires the eternity. The essence of the man needs nothing but the eternal bliss. Anyone with reason feels this desire. Despite its great pleasures and bounties this world is not to be lived for eternity. No one can be absolutely happy. Poor, patient, oppressed or old are always exposed to grief.

Worldly friends and ranks last only till the door of the grave. Then surely the most fortunate is he who does not forget the hereafter for this world, and does not sacrifice the hereafter for this world, and does not destroy the life of the hereafter for worldly life, and does not waste his life on trivial things, but considers himself to be a guest and acts in accordance with the commands of the guest-house’s Owner, then opens the door of the grave in confidence and enters upon eternal happiness.