The Crucial Word

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A man decides to buy a cow for his farm and sets off to the bazaar. He comes across his friend on the way. His friend asks him:

“What are you up to?”

The man answers “I am going to buy a cow for the farm!”

Then his friend says “Why are you talking in this way? You should say inshaAllah (God willing). No one knows what will happen. Say “God willing, I’m going to buy a cow.”

Then the man responds “Why do I need to talk that way? I have money in my pocket and I know where to go. I’m going to buy a cow. That’s it.”

On the way back home, the man bumps into his friend again and sees that he has no cow with him. His friend asks:

“Tell me what happened? Didn’t you buy a cow?”

The man responds sorrowfully: “InshaAllah (God willing) they’ve stolen my money.”