The 3rd International Bediuzzaman and Risale-i Nur Symposium

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The 3rd International Bediuzzaman and Risale-i Nur Symposium has been held by Hayrat Foundation on June 5-6th 2010 in Konya Mawlana Centre for Culture. The theme of the symposium was “the Truths of Belief in the Risale-i Nur” and it was stated that there are reasonable explanations of the essentials of belief such as belief in Allah, belief in prophets, belief in destiny, belief in angels, belief in hereafter and belief in scriptures in the Risale-i Nur which was authored by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and all people need these Qur’anic explanations.

Mustafa Kabakçı, the MP of  Konya, Necmi Sadıkoglu, the Secretary General of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW),  Lawyer Ali Kurt, the Member of Board of Directors of Hayrat Foundation and Turkey Representative and Deputy Secretary General of UNIW, Lawyer Necati Ceylan, the President of Foundation of Volunteer Organizations of Turkey, Ahmad Azam Abdurrahman, the Malaysia Representative of the UNIW, Prof. Dr. Wahba Zuhayli, the scholar of Damascus University, Hasan Abdullah Hasan Ali Shaykh, Yemen Deputy Minister of Foundations, Prof. Dr. Safsafi Ahmed al-Qaturi, the scholar of Ayn Shams University, School of Literature, Muhammad Farid Hussain, the President of the Union of Muslim Scholars of Cambodia, Assistant Prof. Tariq Muhammed Nur, the scholar of Khartum University School of Literature Islamic sciences, Ali Abdullah Abu Huleyka, the Chairman of Constitutional Committee of Yemen and the President of Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group participated in the symposium which lasted two days in five vivid sessions. The symposium, which began with the Qur’an recitation of Ishak Daniş, the Imam of Istanbul Piyale Pasha Mosque, continued with opening speeches of participants. In the first session in which the importance of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and the Risale-i Nur was stressed, the speakers stated that they appreciate the works of Hayrat Foundation for the unity of Muslim world. Lawyer Ali Kurt, the Member of Board of Directors of Hayrat Foundation and Deputy Secretary General of the UNIW delivered the opening speech and said that Bediuzzaman Said Nursi devoted his life to rescue the imaan of people and unification of Muslim societies, and he sacrificed all his life for this cause. Konya MP, Mustafa Kabakçı said that the deceiving European so-called-paradise like lifestyle degenerates the children and the youth of Muslims, stressing that the endeavours for Islam will not be without reward. Mr. Kabakçı said that Bediuzzaman tried to save youth and children from the deceiving life style by and spreading these Islamic truths.

In the day one, at the very first session, the belief in Allah was covered. The moderator Cihangir Isbilir, the General Coordinator of the UNIW and the Editor of The Pen Magazine said that the Western irreligious ideas and the bad-intentioned tried to damage the essentials of Islam in the last century and it brought out its grudge towards Islam which had been accumulating for a thousand years. Mr. Isbilir added that the Muslim ummah is in a great danger quoting the following words of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi: “The shaky foundations of kufr (irreligion) cannot bear the fortress of belief.”

In the second day of the symposium, the pillars of Islamic belief such as the belief in destiny, belief in angels, belief in the hereafter and belief in scriptures were covered.

The second day is commenced with the speech of Bulent Guner, the member of Board of Trustees of Hayrat Foundation. Mr. Guner said that Muslim world acts with reason and proof and he added: “The Muslims do not have the class of clergies and do not obey clergies like followers of the other religions but they they follow reason and proof. The belief system which Islam presents is not something which cannot be explained by reason.”

Said Yavuz, representative of Hayrat Foundation for Ankara declared the Final Statement in the closing session of the Third International Bediuzzaman and Risale-i Nur symposium wich was organized by Hayrat Foundation. The sympsium ended with Qur’an recitation of Nevi Yaşar, the imam of Bahçelievler Hafiz Ali Mosque.