Spirit of Madina and The Unity of Islam

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We are today more powerful than yesterday. There is no doubt that in being more powerful tomorrow than today if our unity and union get richer. We never abandon our hope from the Allah’s mercy and never will do. Our union will be the voice of all of the Muslims in the world especially in the field of decision mechanism.

However, these problems can not be solved by the external interferences. There is no need to try to find out the solutions at the outside. Import formulas can not be the cure of our problems. Because; the external based revolution call can not gain forever legality inside. We have to look for a revolution stems from our roots.

The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) has no relationship with any kind of political faction or power focal and never will be. Also, It will never be the voice of any illegal power. We are the voice of Aceh, Kashmir, Chechen. Moro, Palestine and Baghdad. We are the voice of Syria, Hejaz, Egypt, and Bosnia…
Our civilization is like a sun that can not be put out by blowing and it is a like a morning that can not be a night by closing your eyes. The one who closes his eyes will make night to himself. We must realize especially the one point that our first duty today is the unity and corporation of the Islam. As a result of this consultation in every field. We can never neglect this primary duty for any reason and never postpone. If we believe ourselves, no power can stop us in the way we believe. If we know where we are, no power can confuse us. If we do not let any discord seed to turn green, no power can stop us from seeing the realizations of our dreams.
The concepts like non-profit organizations, which is newly realized by the people of this century, are not new for us. This civilized society is the legacy to us from Medina and “the happiness century”. The best example for the civilized man is our dear Prophet (ASW) and the best example for the civilized society is the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad. Did not they show us the best examples of self-sacrificing, union and cooperation? This union is a platform which will cause to show humans the basics of the civilized life like the “happiness century” by getting power from each other and completing our lacking parts. Unity is the voice of the Islamic world and the unity is our soul and identity.
Existence reason of this unity is again us and our culture.. We have a message for whole world. We will say that observe these incidents that are shaped by the games of society engineers beyond the curtains this time from our perspective. They will the voice of this culture which does not only prohibits killing innocent people but also prohibits killing civil people in the wars. They also need the deepness and the heat of these messages.
Power forces of the understanding of the civilization can not establish the real civil society. Isn’t it clear that if there is no spirit then there are self- seekers and hypocrisies? On the contrary, Sprit of Medina has voluntaries and virtues. It has the will of the Allah. As sprit of Medina develops the hearts, it makes societies happy and peaceful by the help of the voluntary people. We are supposed to show this sprit to world as the representatives of the “happiness century”. The core of the real civil society is this sprit.