Islamophobia and Women Rights

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WOMEN IN ISLAM HAS GREAT RANK, AND HONORABLE POSITION, she is the first teacher in generations school, she is the basic factor in building society, she is firm strong hold for this religion, she is the righteous wife, advised sister, sympathetic mother, kind daughter, the springs or sympathetic, the security strong holds, lights of houses and she is the support of family.
Islam recommends goodness concerning woman an give her rights, ennobled her as a wife, mother, daughter and sister Ennobled her as mother to make paradise under her foots, make her filial piety cause for paradise; ennobled her as wife, when Islam make her mercy and cordiality and a source of love; ennobled her as a daughter when Islam makes her learning and favor on her keeping from hell fire.

Ahmed Muhammad Sharqawi, Professor of Islamic Studies in Al-Azhar University and Qassim University, EGYPT