International Symposium

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As you know, Imam Busayri is an Islamic scholar famous for the odes that he wrote for our gracious Prophet. Through the centuries, our ummah has always fondly recited these beautiful odes, Qasidah Burda (The Poem of the Cloak) in particular, which praise him with the merits of his personality.

The event that is said to have caused this ode to be written is as follows:

Imam Busayri became paralyzed shortly before his death and secluded himself in his house. Every poet is said to have a few incomplete poems. The imam had such an ode. The qasidah he began to compose and made every effort to complete was unfortunately not finished.

One day he dreamt of The Beloved Prophet (ASW). Our Prophet paid a compliment to him and asked: “O Imam! Can you recite one of the odes you composed for me?”

“Which one would you prefer, o Messenger of Allah?” asked Imam excitedly, he said “The one beginning with “Mawlaya Salli wa Sallim Daeeman” and ending with “muqtahimi”. This ode was the incomplete one whose first, third and fourth lines he was able to compose but second line was not settled yet.

Nevertheless, without hesitation, he recited it the way it was: “Mawlaya Salli wa Sallim Daeeman abadan…Huwal Habeebullazi turjaa shafaatoohu… Li kulli hawlin minal ahwali muqtehimi”

The Beloved Prophet completed the missing part of the ode in the imam’s dream saying “Ala habibika khayril khalki kullihimi” and had him wear his blessed burda (cloak). In honour of the Prophet’s compliment, this ode became famous with the name “Qasidah Burda”.

When Imam Busayri woke up, there was not a single sign of the stroke in his feet. He stood up with excitement, took his ablution and as he rushed to the mosque for the Morning Prayer, someone got in his way and said: “O Imam! Can you recite for me one of the odes you have composed for the Prophet?”

Imam Busayri, in his then state of mind, did not reject this request and hastily asked him “Which one would you like?” When that person, just like our Prophet, said “The one beginning with “Mawlaya Salli wa Sallim Daeeman” and ending with “muqtahimi”, the Imam took the man by the hand and asked: I have never recited this ode of mine to anyone. How do you know it?”

That holy godly person said: “I, too, was there at last night’s gathering.”

Concerning this kind of spiritual gatherings, The Prophet (ASW) said in one of his hadiths : “Only the forerunners of prophethood will survive after me”. Those beside him asked: “What are the forerunners, o Prophet of Allah?” Our Propher (ASW) replied: “Truthful dreams.”

Muwatta’s narration also includes: “Truthful people see truthful dreams or they are made to dream.”

In one of his hadiths, the Prophet (PBUH) said: “As the time approaches, the dream of a mu’min (believer) will be almost completely truthful. Actually the dream of a believer is one part of the forty six parts of prophethood.” Bukhari’s narration also includes: “No part of the prophethood may be false.”

Ustad Bediuzzaman’s narration of one of his truthful and sacred dreams, an event of the spiritual realm, he had in his youth goes like this:

“Before the First World War, in a truthful event, I see myself below the famous Ağrı Mountain, known as Ararat Mountain. Suddenly the mountain frighteningly exploded. Its pieces, as big as the mountain itself, scattered all over the world.

In the midst of this frightening event, I found out my mother was beside me. I said: “Don’t be afraid, mother. It is an order by Allah. He is Merciful and All-Wise.”

In that state of mind, I noticed that an important figure was telling me in a commanding manner: “Explain Qur’an’s being a miracle.”

I woke up and found out that there was going to be a big explosion. Following that explosion and revolution, the walls of the fortress around the Qur’an are going to be demolished. Qur’an will directly defend itself. There are going to be attacks towards Qur’an. Its miraculousness is going to be a steel armour. And a person that I am, though I am far from being worthy of it, is going to be a candidate to reveal part of that miraculousness. And I found out I was (the candidate).

Bediuzzaman, the Imam of the century, properly fulfilled this service by way of Risale-i Noor (Treatises of Light). He published the treatises and by serving the faith and Qur’an he established and ran. As he was presenting us the truths of faith, echoing in the hearts and our lifestyles, with a Qur’anic method and expression in a way that the century could perceive, his ADVICE was like this:

It is necessary to effectively give a Qur’anic lesson to those who, through innate servitude, are not aware but are in need of the truths of faith, which cannot be abused by anything ill-willed or which cannot be dependant on anything and which are above all the aims, in a way that will save the faith in this chaotic world and that will give the opposition parties a persuasive conviction, namely in a way that will not be misused by anything, so that it can overcome the absolute unbelief and the obstinate misguidance and give everyone a persuasive conviction.

In this time and under these circumstances, such a conviction will only be attained if we know that the religion is not an instrument of any personal, material or spiritual thing neither for this world nor the afterlife. Otherwise a person, who opposes the fearful collective personality of atheism which stems from favouring the committees and communities, will not be able to take away the unnecessary worries completely, however great a spiritual level of faith that person might possess. Because the ego of the opposition parties wishing to convert might say: “That person deluded us with his genius and his extraordinary position.” They say so and their worries remain inside them.

Thousands of thanks be to Allah that the divine destiny justly slaps me on the face and warns me by the persecuting humans so I won’t misuse the religion in the name of anything although I have been blamed for twenty years with the charge of exploiting the religion in the name of politics. Do not ever use a truth of faith as an instrument for your personality, it warns me so that those in need of the faith will understand that it is the truth alone that talks. Their worries and the tricks of the devil will be removed and silenced.

This is the mystery of the excitement of the Treatises of Light they leave upon the hearts and the influence they make on the hearts and souls. Just like the excitement of the big waves of big oceans.

It is without doubt that this holy service exactly carries the meaning of the Prophet’s hadith: “At the turn of each century, Allah sends someone to renew this religion.”

In his work called Lemeat, Ustad Bediuzzaman replies to the question asked to him in a spiritual gathering where there were the imams of all the centuries and where he was said: “You, the imam of century of calamities and destructions! State your viewpoint.”

During the years of the First World War, in a truthful dream on a Friday night, in the spiritual realm, I was asked in a big gathering:

“What will happen in the Islamic World after the loss of the war?” As the chosen one of the present century, I talked and they listened:

Since ancient times, this nation regarded the jihad as a religious mission for the sake of the future and independence of the Islamic World with the aim of glorifying the sacred word of Allah. And for centuries it held itself on duty to sacrifice itself for the sake of the Islamic world and as the standard-bearer for the khilafah.

This trouble that the Glorious Ottoman State goes through in this last century will hopefully bring happiness and independence to the Islamic World. He who gives three and receives three hundred will not make a loss. For someone who well compensates his loss in a foreseeable future, that trouble will be a blessing of sorts.

Benevolent people do not plan their things in the short span of time they live in; but they look ahead through the future.

If this trouble results in the affection, our life’s essence, brotherhood, the Islamic world’s embracing and socializing with each other, the extraordinary enhancement of brotherly feelings, then we won’t be at loss.

It is obvious that the rapid development of this love and the overcoming the in-between distances will result in the better understanding of the destructions and system failures made in the name of civilization and in the change of false practises.

It is at this time that the reality of Islam, which is the only way for our salvation, will be revealed and Muslims will adopt this civilization before everyone no matter where they are in the world.

Here Ustad Bediuzzaman says: Suddenly I woke up. Perhaps I went back to sleep in while I am awake. I think awakeness, namely the life we live, is a dream of sorts. Dream is a awakeness of sorts. There the representative of the century, here Said Kurdi.

Ustad Bediuzzaman, the Imam of the Century was poisoned many times during the sacred Qur’anic service of faith he devoted his life to. His life was consumed either in the dungeons of captivity or in the prisons of his country. He, nevertheless, would tell us the following fact neglecting all the troubles he went through:

“The only thing that makes me suffer is the dangers that Islam’s confronting. In the past, danger was coming from outside, so it was easy to resist. Now danger is coming from inside. The disease spread to the body. Now it gets harder to combat against it. I am afraid the society can not stand against it because they cannot notice the enemy. They see its main adversary destructing its vital point as its friend. If the society becomes blind to the truth, the fortress of Faith will be in danger. This is the only thing that troubles me.”

“I see that the important figures are unaware of the truth. The rickety pillars of unbelief cannot bear the weight of the fortress of Faith. That is why I devote all my time to Faith… I am continuously repeating the inner life of the community, its spiritual existence, conscience and faith….I am working upon the principle of Tawhid and Faith that Qur’an establishes because they are the main pillars of the Islamic community. The day it is shaken, the community will cease to exist.”

“I have one purpose. That is, in this time that I am close to death, in this country, which is a land of Islam, we hear the sounds of bolshevist owls. This sound damages the faith basics of the Islamic World. It affiliates with our public and especially the youth by making them disbelievers. By fighting with them with all my strength I am suggesting the youth and Muslims to be faithful. I am struggling with this faithless mass. If Allah wills, I want to enter His presence with this struggle. And this is all that I do!”

We pray to Janab Arhamur Rahimiyn (Allah, the Most Merciful) that He does not leave us alone in this end of time, a scene to the ruthless calamities and destructions and that He does not separate us from the sacred dawah of Qur’an which Ustad lead this century.

We pray that He enhances our brotherhood and not give a chance to those who attack us. That He grants us our wishes that glorify our dreams in the realm of awakeness too.

We pray that He make us live with His light and take us to His presence with His light. Amen.

Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you all)