Key to bliss

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Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah.

People are all on the road of life which starts from the world of spirits, passes through the grave, and extends on to the hereafter. We are travellers on the same road and going in one direction and have one destination only. There is no different road, direction, or destination.

While on this journey, some affiliate themselves with the Creator (i.e. believing in Allah), some don’t do that. Believing in the Creator is the first step you have to take to have a good welcome when you finish your journey, but you need to do more to be happy both during this journey of life and in the destination of hereafter.

Everyone wants this journey to be secure, comfortable, enjoyable and of course to end safely. And everyone wants to have a good welcome where they arrive. This means we are all looking for comfort to our body, spirit, heart, and mind.

If we really do not want to feel worried during our life and about our hereafter, we should keep in our mind that our real duty in this life is worship, the five daily prayers being in the first place. We should not forget that if we can give the account of our daily prayers, we can account for our other duties a lot easier inshaallah.

Five daily prayers are really easy to perform. Just one hour a day is enough to perform them. It is very easy for the body, not to mention that it gives great peace to our spirit. Someone who spends twenty-three hours for this worldly life but does not spend just one hour for the sake of his eternal life really wrongs himself and loses a lot.

Turning our lifetime’s capital into gain is what we must be after in this life. Everyday we are given twenty-four hours like twenty-four golden coins. Common sense requires us to spend at least one hour for the prayer that will be key to bliss in this life and in the next. Moreover, as long as we perform the five daily prayers, our permissible mundane actions are also counted as worship. We can thus turn our entire lifetime’s capital into gain for the hereafter. Let’s never give up trying to turn our lifetime’s capital into eternal gain.

May Allah help us reach our destination safely.

Fi amanillah!