Electromagnetic waves around us and their influence on health

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The use of technology has influenced human health in positive and negative ways. Along with its facilitating daily life, it also makes the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses easier. However, new problems have appeared such as waste products, radiation and electromagnetic waves, and, as a result, new health problems are now being identified.

Along with the increasing use of internet, the use of wireless networks has likewise increased. With developing technology, digital wireless networks took the place of analogue wireless networks. Thanks to the progress of wireless technology, many devices like phones, earphones, keyboards and tablets can connect with one another.

Despite this progress, society has serious prejudices against the wireless networks. Scientific research could not identify any health problems caused by wireless networks that supported those prejudices until now.

Today the use of mobile phones are increasing, everybody uses one or even two phones. There are more phones than the number of people living in a house and base stations are placed on the top of apartment buildings. In such a time, the mobile phone and related health problems have become a public health concern. The fact that the use of mobile phones is on such a scale has resulted in a small increase in side effects that may influence the health of thousands of people.

The negative effects of the base stations have been given prominence by means of the media. However, exposure to the radiofrequency radiated by mobile phones is one thousandfold more than the base stations. Therefore, the real danger is in our houses.

The side effects of these radiofrequency and electromagnetic waves spread by mobile phones are evaluated as cancers and other health problems. Its cancerogenic effects were often emphasized when mobile phones first started to be used. However, research has shown that it did not cause brain cancer with long term use.

Nonetheless, there are negative effects from mobile phones on brain functions when its other effects on the brain are evaluated. By affecting the working of the brain, mobile phones cause loss of concentration, sleep disorder, depression, headache and dizziness. There are also effects on other organs. It can cause sleepiness during the day, hypertension and negative effects on male reproductive health among others.

The following are the precautions you can take to be protected from the negative effects of mobile phones:

  • Mobile phones should be used for short talks. Cable phones should be preferred for long talks if possible.
  • Mobile phones should be put on the ear not right after you start a call but after a few seconds.
  • Phones should be kept away from you as much as possible during the phone calls. There should be a distance more than one metre between you and the phone if possible.
  • You should put your thumb between your ear and phone during the call.
  • While making a phone call, you should be careful that the signal is at the highest level.
  • Mobile phones which are not used should be switched off.
  • Mobile phones should be carried away from your heart, chest and waist region. Carrying them in the back pocket instead of front should be made a habit.