Generosity (1)

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In today’s world, everything changes so fast. Rapidly growing technology makes it hard for us to keep updated. People are pushing themself into this interactivity in all parts of life. So this makes a numb community lost in the divisions of a system prepared for them.

Getting unaffordable loans to buy cars and houses became the only purpose of human’s life. And it is not just limited to these two things. Many things are prepared to feed the consumption hunger. Things cost money. Worldly activities steal precious time.

And there is a definition “the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return” in other words “generosity.”

And there is a Man who redefined the meaning of generosity. A prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) who never turned anyone away empty handed from his door and always gave preference to the needy over his own needs.

And there is a religion that is ordering us; “Say: “Truly, my Lord enlarges the provision for whom He wills of His slaves, and also restricts it) for him, and whatsoever you spend of anything (in God’s Cause), He will replace it. And He is the Best of providers.” (Surah Saba, 39)

There is a point of view generated by today’s wicked mentality. This is one of the main reasons for them not to help needy. They say “I worked hard, I did it, I succeeded in this. So, I don’t have to share or give my earnings to the others. Why don’t they go and try hard like I did?

Is this really works this way? Should we react same when we face with a needy?

Are we really capable of being successful just by our own efforts? Or is it given to us as a response to our struggles and works by the Creator and Controller of the whole universe?

Master Bediuzzaman expresses this subject with an example; “My proud soul! You are the traveller, and this world is a desert. Your impotence and poverty have no limit, and your enemies and needs are endless. Since it is thus, take the name of the Pre-Eternal Ruler and Post-Eternal Lord of the desert and be saved from begging before the whole universe and trembling before every event.”(Risale-i Nur Collection/The Words-First Word)

Even a bacterium which is such little that cannot be seen with the naked eye can take us down and shows us that our poverty and impotence have no limits. We cannot even control ourselves, how we can succeed by controlling and ruling every condition around us? This proves us that the richness we gained comes from the bounties and endless treasures of All Mighty Allah and we don’t have the right to say “I did

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Ibn `Abbas said that he heard Allah’s Messenger say, “The believer is not the one who eats when his neighbor beside him is hungry,” Abu Hurayrah reported Allah’s Messenger as saying, “The believer is simple and generous, but the wicked person is deceitful and ignoble.”

They will always be around. People in poverty… How should we act?

The miraculous secrets of having a perfect world order are expressed above.

If we are aiming the perfectness of humanity, what does still hinder us to act accordingly?

May Allah protect us against all calamities and mischief.