To You, My Soul!

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O my proud soul! You are a traveller on the road of life, which comes from the Spirit World, passes through the grave, and carries on to the Hereafter.

And this world is a desert full of danger. You need to be cautious, because your impotence and poverty have no limit, and your enemies and needs are endless. On your own you will perish. If you ascribe to Someone Who has got real sovereignty in this world, you will be saved from numberless fears and calamities.

O my soul! Know that there is a Ruler of this world. When you believe so, your point of view will be changed. You will understand that the world is not a house of mourning. Living creatures are not orphans weeping because of death and separation. Man and the animals are not alone. They have got an Owner. Beings like the mountains and oceans are not horrendous, lifeless corpses. They have got duties to do.

O my soul! After believing that there is a just King of this life, try to learn what He wants from you. Since you are a human being and have got conscious, you cannot be like the other living beings having no great responsibilities other than eating and living.

O my soul! You

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have got a great duty. Look! Every day, you have got twenty-four hours like twenty-four pieces of gold. Do you think that these twenty-four hours are only to be used for this transient world? No! On the contrary, you need to spend some of these gold pieces for the sake of the Ruler. Be sensible! You can at least use one piece for His sake. Even that one piece would be enough.

O my soul! If you spend one hour of your one day by performing prayer, you can make over the whole capital of your life to the Hereafter. You can make your transient life permanent.

And so, O my rebellious soul! If you do not wish to be foolish, believe in Allah and worship Him to be a good servant and show your gratefulness to Him.