Coronavirus and cleanliness

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As you know, doctors and others in authority are insistently recommending cleanliness against the coronavirus.

Based on this agenda, let’s imagine a car mechanic in industry doesn’t shower for a month. What will he be like? Would you be able to get near him?

Or if a big family never cleaned their living room, kitchen, toilet, nor washed the dishes, nor put out their bins, would that house be habitable?

Or if a mayor did not have the rubbish in his town collected, what would that town be like?

Well, the question is then: who is the one that has our world, which is a factory working 24/7 and a guesthouse being continuously filled and emptied, cleaned from trash, dirt and debris?

Who has, for millions of years, the fallen and rotting leaves from countless amounts of trees or plants cleared during the autumn season? And, who has the bodies of animals that die on land or in the sea cleared every year without them accumulating and smelling on the earth?

Who is it that has “the mountains, seas, forests and the vast sky that are not touched by dirty hands of man” cleared of dirt and trash and made them sparklingly clean? It so much so that those who do not know the beauties of the paradise fall in love with it.

This impeccable cleaning certainly indicates the existence of one who is pure from any imperfection.

All the cleaning observed in the universe requires a doer who is free from any flaws or mistakes. The fact that the creations are being cleaned from all material and also immaterial impurities points at that.

Yes, we see that the beings like hyenas, vultures, ants and worms are officers cleaning dead bodies or leftovers on the earth.

The same tasks are given to the sharks and many others in the sea. In addition, seagulls and other sea birds are over constant watch of the sea and its coast; they eat the dead or stranded animals to make the sea and its coast sparkling clean.

From flies to birds, all creatures on Earth get their provisions by being cleaning officers as if they are trained to do this job beforehand.

The red and white blood cells by cleaning the other cells; the breath by cleaning the blood; the eyelids by cleaning eyes; the bacteria and fungi by rotting away animal waste into useable soil; the wind, clouds and rain by cleaning the air from dust and dirt, they all do their jobs very well trained.

So then, does the flawless cleanliness from the wings of a fly to the sky not show in a clear manner the existence of someone who is pure and manage all these things?

We can also have this purity by freeing ourselves from doubts, hesitations, false beliefs, superstitions, showing off, two-facedness and selfish gains and with the endeavour to look for the truth behind our existence. When a matter comes to your mind, through immediate questioning you can critically verify the reality of that matter and clear your mind.

Like this, let our spiritual dirt are also washed out and let’s have an honest heart that harmonizes with the rest of the beings. Through the material and spiritual cleanliness that come from it, we will realize the honour of feeling the presence of the one who is behind all this cleanliness in the universe.