Enthusiasm for unity among youth

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The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) gathered Muslim youths in “International Summer Youth Camp” in Istanbul on 15-25 August 2008. This organization, which includes fifty representatives from twenty five countries, has been a platform where these youths have a chance to declare their desire for the unity of Islam. All the young people coming from many parts of Islamic regions such as Bosnia, Malaysia, ıÜüDjibouti, ıÜüKazakhstan, Kosovo, Bahrain, Cameroon, Indonesia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Albania enjoyed the enthusiasm of unity.

UNIW’s youths visited many associations and foundations in Turkey. While having extended information about the structuring of the non-govermental organizations these guys also visited historical places of Istanbul. Passing camp area after Istanbul Program youths show brotherhood and unity in this camp which is example for the elders.On camp they made discussions, arguments, country presentations and close friendships.

” The UNIW International Summer Youth Camp” program started with the opening in Ensar Vakfı in Istanbul. Mr. Necmi SADIKOGLU, The Secretary General of UNIW, Ali KURT ,Deputy Secretary General and UNIW’s Representative of Turkiye, Necati CEYLAN, Chairman of  ıÜüthe Foundation of Volunteer Organizations of Turkey (TGTV), Ahmet Şişman ,Chairman of Ensar Vakfı and three students representing participant countries made a speech. Sedar Dediç from Bosnia representing Europe, Shakir Fahmi from Malaysia representing Far East and Asia and Abubaker Abdelkader from Bahrain representing Arab World and Africa made a speech.

Sedat Dedic, who stated that all of them was affected from the youth program organized by UNIW, representing Bosnia which have been under the cruelty for years, briefly said that ” This project putting Islamic World into motion again is very important. They say let’s unite the Islamıc World. However we are already one nation. We had only lack of contact and now UNIW provided it to us. My contact with the brothers in Cameroon or Sudan, and Malaysian and Indonesian brothers contacts with us can only be provided by such a institution. I thank UNIW with my whole heart.

Shakir Fahmi from Malaysia said that:

“Even though the situation of the Islamic World seems bad now, this youth camp shows us that indeed unity is not that difficult. We believe that Islamic World again live the unity and we will see the missing days again with the permission of Allah. This emotion which brings these people from different countries will get stronger. UNIW have a great role on this. I invite all of you to support UNIW. UNIW still has lots of things to do.

Bahrain representative Abubaker said that:

“For years Arabs and Turks have been cheated and declared enemies by others and this situation give harm to Muslims. This kind of programs is very important since it makes communities and societies to meet each other. Politicians struggles reach a certain limit but the main point is to establish the love and respect between the societies. I thank UNIW very much since they bring us together in this youth camp.”

This Youth Summer camp including 25 countries from Africa, Far East to Europe and Middle Asia gives a chance to these young people to meet each other, share the problems of the Muslim countries and the most important thing is they see that they are not alone in the world. Most of them now realize that they have so many Muslim brothers on the other edge of the world and have no difference and they are ONE NATION.

They visited most of the famous foundations in Turkey. UNIW’s Youth Camp attendees gave much importance to the Hayrat Foundation in their visits to NGOs. After a delicious dinner in Hayrat Foundation, youths came together in Hayrat Foundation’s Meeting Hall and were greeted by Ahmet SEMIZ, Member of Board of Trustees.

Ali KURT, Deputy Secretary General and UNIW’s Representative of Turkey, Lecturer Bülent Güner, Lecturer and Columnist Muhammed Zakir Cetin and Lecturer Columnist Muhlis Körpe gave lectures about the unity of Islam, Risale-i Nur’s role and Bediuzzaman in the process for unity of Islam.

Youths present their short presentations they prepared before in the meeting where their questions are answered. Reciting Quran and nasheeds, youths expressed their pleasure at the end of the meeting.

At the end of the meeting they had a family photo and get their presents from Ahmed SEMIZ.