Editor’s Letter: Believer’s Quest for Spiritual Healing

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Prophet Ayyub alaihissalam was afflicted with serious wounds and sores for a really long time. Even worms were generated in his wounds. He endured his sickness with patience until those worms make a way into his heart and tongue. Since the heart and the tongue are the places of remembrance and knowledge of Allah (swt), he supplicated his Lord to grant him good health.

As today’s people we are in a very similar situation like that of Prophet Ayyub (as). Actually ours is worse than his. Compared with his physical sickness, we have spiritual sicknesses. If we could see our inner being, we would realize that we are more diseased than Prophet Ayyub (as). Because each sin we commit makes deep spiritual wounds in our hearts and souls.

We have exclusively covered the matter of sins in this issue. Sins are the food of our evil-commanding souls. They feed us in such a way that- may Allah protect us- we may lose our way of living according to Islam.

For instance, malicious envy, unless abandoned, causes many other sins like gossip and mischief. Envy is such a sin that it is as if the envious is offended by the kindness of Allah (swt) shown towards a person.

Secret sins of our hearts also pose great danger to our religious life. They are especially dangerous; because we may never realise them at all. And if we cannot become aware of them, we will never repent. Thus we must question ourselves whether we have such sins which we cannot realize and ask forgiveness of Allah (swt).

Prophet Ayyub (as)’s wounds threatened his life in this transient world; but our spiritual wounds, which are caused by sins, threaten our eternal life in the Hereafter. May Allah protect us from such a danger!

You will find an inspiring piece about justice and its relation with equality. Justice does not mean complete equality all the time, it says.

There is a piece about market juices which expounds problematic sides of fruit juice production. The author explains us why we should not buy the fruit juices except those with halal certificates.

You will read a brief history of how the Qur’an copies took different writing forms for centuries. The most prominent among them are “Ayat barkanar” and “Tawafuq.”

You will also read an article about patience. It tells us that there are different types of patience: enduring the misfortunes and illnesses, being steadfast in worshipping and withstanding the desires of the lower self (e.g. abandoning the sins) are among them.

There are also articles about family relations in this 23rd issue of The Pen Magazine.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition and benefit from every article.

Warm salaams

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