A letter from Covid-19

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Hello poor human beings!

Do you know who I am?

I am COVID-19 – the new member of the coronavirus army.

The entire world has been talking about me recently. Actually everybody is talking about me day and night.

It is I who have made the superpowers of the world absolutely powerless.

It is I who have reduced the presidents and prime ministers of those glorious states to helpless beings.

Again, it is I who have left your advanced technology redundant.

I have deeply shaken your world economy.

Almost the entirety of humanity is in a complete shambles now. Fear and panic have overwhelmed you all. You don’t know what to do. You have locked yourself down!

You feel obliged to stay inside of your luxurious residences and your splendid buildings in shock and awe!

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t act on my own.

I am just a soldier of Almighty God’s unseen troops amongst many of His armies in the lands and in the skies.

Yes, we are small soldiers on active duty. You need to magnify us millions of times on a microscope to see us. Every single member of our army receives the commands from Our Creator.

Once we receive the command of “Kill and destroy such and such person!” we just go and stick to the lungs of those tyrants who have killed innocent people.

We go and attack those who deny their Creator.

We infect and kill those big-headed and ruthless people who have forgotten their Lord and do injustice to people.

We fly in the air and stick to the lungs of those disobedient nations and take their breaths away, and knock them down. This is the wrath of God upon them.

However, we do not only attack disbelievers. We attack those who believe in God, too. This is a test for the believers.

We visit those ignorant believers who have been lazy in worshipping their Lord; we are a wake-up call. We tell them: “Come back to your senses.”

In a kinder manner, we visit those who pray and remember their Creator. They have some sins. With our visit, their sins are deleted.

We visit god-fearing people as well. Thanks to us, they show patience and they continue their worship and they never rebel against God. By doing so, God elevates their stations in paradise.

Now, O human beings!

You are poor, helpless, powerless and desperate! You cannot resist even a tiny little virus like me while I am threatening your life. Thanks to my existence, you have now learned how powerless you are and how needy you are, haven’t you?

Please know this: We are not stray and we do not ever act randomly. We have purpose and we are charged with a duty. Including me and my friends, from the atoms to the stars, every single being in this universe works under the command of one Creator and we act with His permission.

In other words, even though you have strong muscles, you can’t fight us by yourself. Even though you have money, it can’t help save you from my hands. Now you have understood that you are weak and poor in reality.

So, now, believe in God, Allah Almighty, Who can save you, in real terms, from our attacks and those of others. If He commands, we stop immediately.

Don’t forget, this universe is not working on its own. Just like your car has a driver, your phone has a designer and your house has a builder, this universe has a Creator too. Believe in Him. Look and see the harmonious order in the universe. Praise and worship Him to be safe from sorrows and fears. Turn to Him through your faith, your prayers, your repentance, your trust in Him and your submission to Him.

I know you are trying to be clean. That is good. Now, try to purify your heart as well. Pay extra attention to cleaning your heart with your pure repentance.

Do not ever forget! Everything is predestined. Allah knows everything. If you believe in His knowledge that is your destiny and submit to His will while you take your precautionary measures, you will be safe from pains and fears.

Once you have carried these out, we will no longer be a tribulation besetting you, but will turn into a blessing for you.

Here are my last words for you!

Death is real! We know this. However we –coronaviruses- are not the only thing that causes people to die. Your life can end at any time. You can be discharged from your life duty and sent to the next world at any moment.

Therefore, please get ready for the land of life after death so that you attain to real and eternal happiness and pleasure.

Now, O you, poor human!

Be not scared of me!

Be afraid of rebelling against your Lord and losing the eternal paradise.

Yours Sincerely,


The tiny official serviceman of the unseen armies of God.