Codes of Success

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1- Whatever you do, the ultimate goal should be the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

2- Consumption is not the goal of life; it is an instrument for life. Instead of being a beast of consumption, you should be a person of da’wah by adopting goals which will add meaning into your life…

3-The success is not a mere chance. It is the result of both hard work and good idea.

4-A work which you do not follow up will not be completed. In order to get a positive result you should insist on following up.

5- Trusting one person is fine but checking what he’s doing is also needed. Trust is not an obstacle for checking.

6-You need good communication ability as well as good education.

7-Nobody knows everything. Two minds are better than one. There is benefit and mercy in consultation.

Source: Omar Bolat, Liderlik Gönül İşidir, Hayat Pub.