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Known as the sultan of fruits, apple, a gift from our Lord, is a cure-all you and it helps heart health a lot, as well, because it helps decreasing cholesterol ratio in the blood. It makes the spleen to produce blood. It is very beneficial to those continuously sitting at work, to the overweight, and to those whose blood is very intense.

Iron is absorbed as best as possible when it is combined with vitamin C. Since apple has got both of them, it is useful for iron deficiency anaemia. It decreases blood sugar. Apple must be the very first fruit to be preferred by diabetics and those who do not want their blood sugar to increase. It helps and eases digestion thanks to the vitamins and proteins put in it abundantly. It is a compensatory and normalizer food for intestine patients. It is very useful for constipation patients. It has got a preventive effect for intestinal cancer.