A painting cannot be without a painter

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We have a painting in our hand. It is a beautiful oil painting of butterflies fluttering. It is for sure that this painting has been made by a painter. This beautiful painting has come out as a result of a skilful painter’s emotions and talents. These different butterflies on the canvas – each more beautiful than the other – do not and cannot come out by sprinkling and splattering of paints.

Existence of a painting needs a painter

Yes, it is a fact that a painting does not and cannot come out without a painter. There stands a painting in front of us and an agent that has made this painting. The painting is the object and the painter is the subject. The painter can exist without the painting but a painting cannot exist without a painter. Because the object of painting needs the subject of painter.

Let’s speak upon this painting of butterflies. We see several butterflies portrayed on the canvas. They are inanimate. They are like flying above flowers in the sky. Both the flowers and the butterflies are lifeless; the butterflies do not breathe. There must be someone who has knowledge, will, power and life who makes these lifeless pictures.

Testimony of a painter

An acquaintance of mine who is a painter said the following: “While I am drawing a butterfly, I draw the first wing easily. But I have difficulty while drawing the second one. Because I look at the first wing while drawing the second. There is harmony, symmetry and order seen on both wings. So I must draw the picture so carefully that I should not forget what I draw on the first wing and make the second one the same; I should not mix anything.”

Even painting a butterfly needs a maker

Now let’s think on a real butterfly: it flies, breathes, it has respiratory system, its wings move and are lively. It has circulatory system, it needs a system that pumps blood in order that its wings can flutter continuously. Moreover, a real butterfly has digestive system; it needs a lot of systems and organs in order to move, continue its life and especially continue connecting with the world and find its sustenance.

Moreover, the one who makes the butterfly must be the one who knows and creates all the environment where the butterfly lives and is connected. Because the butterfly can live in that system and environment. One who does not know the relationship and relevance between the butterfly and the sun and the gravity cannot be the owner and the creator of the butterfly. One who has attributes like knowledge, will, power and life that will make everything serve the life of the butterfly can only give the life of butterfly and continue that life.

Inside of butterfly is tenfold more artful than its exterior

On the other hand, the art is not just seen on the outer side of the butterfly. If we examine the cells of the butterfly, we see that its inner side is tenfold more artful than its outer side. It is tenfold greater and perfect! It is not an accidental thing happening by itself that a delicate, fragile living being has a perfect system which meets its needs. We have to ask this challenging question to ourselves: a painting of a butterfly requires a painter, then how is it possible that a living butterfly does not have a maker? How is it possible that a real butterfly that is a wonder of art can come into existence by coincidence? How can it be the result of “accidental” factors? How can the natural laws do that? Is it possible at all? Who accepts this irrational claim? This is certainly impossible.

A lifeless cannot give life!

In order that a living comes into existence the one that creates it must be a living being. One who does not have life cannot give life. The maker of a high level of artwork which has signs of conscience has to have characteristics and qualities of being able to make that high level of artwork. Ignorant, lifeless, unintelligent causes that cannot see purposes, benefits and results cannot make these perfect works and yield results.

As a result

Every one of all beings are like a painting that is a work of art. Just as all the paintings have their painters, so too there is an artist and a master who has created all those painters and all beings. And it is Allah Who is our Lord and Creator.