A Generation Knowing Their Book

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There are three major elements apart from the writer contributing to the communication of readers with the books: The complexion and the content, in other words, the “truth” of the book; the image of the content, in other word, the “letters” and the “language” which is a spiritual bridge between the reader and the book.

These three elements constitute the identity of the book. The truths, the letters and the language of the book either give strength or foible to the book. So it either helps getting closer to justice or fallacy. The more it is away from fallacy, its letters are closer to the truth, it provides memory, mind, and heart wealth to the reader, the more it is precious.

The reader’s swallowing and digesting the book rather depends on the reader’s closeness and penetration to three mentioned elements of the book than knowing the author. If the reader is able to digest the truth of the book and imitate the language of the book with his language, and if the letters of the book leave their traces in the heart and the eye of the reader, then he is not only reading the book, it means that he “KNOWS” the book.
“To know your book...” What a great happiness and bliss is that, isn’t it?

Well-known Turkish author Cemil Meric asks: “Every society is based on a book, which one is yours?” It is also necessary to add the following in this: “Does “just knowing” what is your book mean knowing your book truly?
Universe is the book Allah wrote with the pen of Power (Qudrah). As to Qur’an, it is the universe blessed as a reflection of the Kalam (utterance) attribute; the wrapped condition of universe in letters, words, sentences…  The common trait of these is being the work of the same Power (Qudrah) and Utterance (Kalaam).

The instruction manual of this key is again the Holy Qur’an.

Briefly; to know the Holy Qur’an knowing oneself is required and to know oneself knowing the Holy Qur’an is required.

Knowing that your book is Qur’an is not the main point. “Knowing your book, Knowing the Holy Qur’an” is the essence. Knowing Qur’an’s truths, letter, language…

If the Furqan is not known truly; if the divine provision is not applied deservedly, then the book which is a safe handle turn to be a means leading to heresy. “…He misleadeth many thereby, and He guideth many thereby…” (Surah Baqara, 26)
It is so interesting that the new generation, who say “My book is Qur’an!” when asked and knows which is their book, in effect, do not their book?

Truth, language, letter: These three-ruined bridges how, when and by whom is going to be repaired?

Is there a cure but to rebuild these three ruined bridges in order to bring up “A generation who knows their book”?