World needs to understand Islam correctly

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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

As you all know a villainous coup attempt targeted our beloved country, Turkey. This treacherous attempt was against the independence of our nation. It was actually an attack against not only Turkey but the entire Muslims who have been with Turkey with their supports and prayers for a long time. Thousands thanks to our Lord, Allah (swt), that He did not let the traitors and enemies of Islam invade this servant country of Islam. May Allah never give any chance to our enemies to defeat us! May Allah (swt) strengthen our unity!

In the 26th issue of our magazine you will find beautiful articles. We have two exclusive pieces: “Understanding Islam” and “Sincerity: the most important basis, the greatest strength.”

“Understanding Islam” first starts with revealing the inherited and media prejudices and psychological obstacles to understanding Islam. Then it deals with the three most important questions: the existence of God, life after death, and the problem of evil. It presents how Islam answers questions about these three issues. It also covers the misrepresented image of Sharīʿa in the West. Finally, it eloquently explains the five pillars of Islam.

“Sincerity: the most important basis, the greatest strength” is the translation of the Twenty-First Flash from the Risale-i Nur. Imam Said Nursi says this risale (epistle) should be read at least once every fifteen days. You will find some principles in order to attain sincerity and preserve it, and remove the obstacles to it. According to Imam Nursi those in service of the Qur’an are especially compelled and responsible to struggle to win sincerity with all of their strength. You will also find what some of the causes that impair sincerity and drive one to ostentation are.

In this life we have to always keep in our mind that we are the servants of Allah (swt). Forgetting this reality causes us great loss. “Whoever forgets Allah forgets his self” is drawing attention to this.

It is beautifully explained in “Head to head with a Darwinian” that no creation can be attributed to coincidence. In this piece we learn that some people, who are unable to understand the existence of Allah, go astray by reasoning in a wrong way and saying that “it would be wrong to accept an action (i.e. creating; thus, the creator) which creates everything, and which we cannot see and know.” However, knowing the existence of a being and understanding what it is are different things. You will find more points on this.

“Making a correct diagnosis” lays emphasis on identifying what is the real problem of Muslims. It says ‘weakness of iman of the believers’ is in the core of every problem discussed by Muslims and Islamic scholars. And attaining a strong and verified faith is the best solution.

I highly suggest parents to read “What are parents, and what are they not?” You will learn a lot from this beneficial article.

And we have many more articles in this issue. I hope you enjoy and benefit from every one of them.

May Allah make the hajj of Muslims mabroor, and accept the qurbanis sacrificed! I wish you a happy eid ul-adha.

Fi amanillah!