Why You Should Forgive…

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“Keep to forgiveness, and enjoin kindness, and turn away from the ignorant.” (Surah Al-Araf; 199)

“The guerdon of an ill-deed is an ill the like thereof. But whosoever pardoneth and amendeth, his wage is the affair of Allah. Lo! He loveth not wrong-doers.” (Surah Ash-shura 40)

“And verily whoso is patient and forgiveth – lo! that, verily, is (of) the stedfast heart of things.” (Surah Ash-shura; 43)

“……And if ye efface and overlook and forgive, then lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” (Surah At-Taghabun; 14)

Forgiveness is like a gift that you give to yourself. By forgiving you release yourself from the burden of pain and anger. But, as mentioned, “you” release yourself from these burdens. In other words, forgiveness is by choice. You must choose to do it. It doesn’t happen on its own. And once you choose to do it, it is the moment you start to live in the present and future instead of the past. So, start doing it from this moment…. You can start living a better life this very moment…

In this writing, I kindly wish to clarify some of the benefits of forgiveness. Getting angry is a humanely experience. Since it is so, what is to be condemned as a disgusting action is “not calming down or not forgiving” subsequently…

Forgive for your Own Good

Sometimes we feel we lose things from our “selves” if we forgive what has been done to us. It is like in each unexpected impact we get from unexpected people, we lose our feelings to “forgive” and “show mercy”. Because, we are excessively broken and we feel bad. So we write the name of this or that “person” to your “unforgivens list.” Afterwards, we forgive them even unexpectedly… And we think by forgiving we did a really great favour and blessing to those who we “showed mercy”. We think we sacrificed something by forgiving them. Then a question comes to the minds “is this so? Does it really a blessing or a sacrifice from us?” Why do we think that we did so much to those who broke us

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by forgiving them? We are not supposed to get broken anyway… And why do we think that we give blessings to them? Actually who we are or in a braver saying “Who do we think we are to bless someone by forgiving them?” Why do we think we did so much? Scientists say it is not a blessing for the other but it is a blessing for you indeed. By forgiving what has happened to you, you sacrifice something for yourself. Actually we must do it for our own good. But why? It is because if we don’t forgive, if you don’t let it go, if you dwell on the past and insist on not forgiving, we become a pessimists. We always bear in mind that we don’t forgive what they have done to you. This always occupies our mind all the time. Reminding us the same stress… This tires our mind all the time… And most importantly, this finishes us every time. When I searched for forgiveness, I have found out that there are even therapies on this issue. People are even holding therapies and conference on this subject… This shows us how an important role forgiveness and forgiving play in our lives. Only if you could just forgive once… Just forgive the others, only for once… This also god for your health… This also means forgiving yourself and showing mercy to your soul… Make your soul independent by forgiving those who did wrong or bad to you… You will find ease in your life. Let anything go and open a new page, a brand-new you…. Forgiveness… The path to compassion and understanding…

Dr. Robert Enright, founder the International Forgiveness Institute define forgiveness in his book “Exploring Forgiveness” as “giving up resentment and vengeance and fostering compassion on the inflictor of pain.”

Forgiveness helps to

  • reduce emotional stres and physical stress,
  • increase inner peace,
  • increase compassion,
  • deep healing and
  • a greater sense of well-being.

Forgive first for your health, then for the others…

Doctors say that “forgiving” decreases the risk of heart diseases, hormonal disorders, digestive system disorders and physiological disorders. Forgiveness is good for the heart. Results of a study done by a medical associate professor recently have shown that as well as stress relief, forgiveness is also associated with lower heart rate and blood pressure which can bring long-term benefits for the heart and also for the overall health.

Forgiving provides us to use our existing energy for developing ourselves, instead of demolishing ourselves or nurture resentment against certain individuals.

Keep in mind that forgiveness is good for your relationships as well as your body. Also forgiveness is good for your afterlife as well as this life… So, isn’t this enough convincing for virtually anyone to let go of anger and resentment and work on forgiveness?

May Allah grant us with the power of forgiveness.

May Allah empower us with the power of His mercy and forgiveness.