Why has Allah (SWT) sent down more than One Divine Religion?

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Does humankind need more than one religion? Wouldn’t one religion be enough?

Basically, all divine religions have a consensus on tenets of faith, such as believing in God and the hereafter. All of them contain acts of worship like praying and fasting, and all include moral issues.

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All holy prophets recommended good deeds and virtuous social ethics. The differences in their religions are in the details and the practices.

Yet these differences in details should not be seen as frivolous aspects of religion that can be overlooked. We can understand this fact with an example. In educational issues, it is essential to improve step by step, so children will proceed through primary school, secondary school, high school and so on. All these schools will have maths lessons. Although the subject is basically the same, its level will be different for every year and in every school. Similarly, prophets are like teachers who serve the needs of mankind for worldly and spiritual improvement. All prophets followed the appropriate method and level with respect to the situation of the people of their time. This is an essential point for the success of their teaching.

It is clear that requirements change according to needs. For example, as the seasons change, the needs of people also change. They need different types of clothes and food in winter than they need in summer. Similarly, down the centuries, the prophets have brought their people the religion that was best suited to the needs of their time.


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