Three advisements

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Good or bad, whatever a person does he does it for himself,

He cannot despise anyone if he knows what he is himself.

Despise nobody! 

One of the mistakes – maybe the first and foremost – that the Muslims make in their social relations among themselves is that they do not act carefully regarding their Islamic fraternity as required.

We are living a life that is a test. Therefore, some people are rich and some are poor. Some others have financial problems at some periods of their lives. Some people have the talents and qualities that are popular, but some have the talents that are not so popular. Some are genius or intelligent, some are not so intelligent. This is just because of the test we are in. They are not for us to despise one another. Our Prophet (pbuh) said “A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim; he neither oppresses him nor does he desert him, nor does he look down upon him.” (Sahih Muslim) We understand that if a Muslim despises and looks down upon another Muslim, it is oppression. We also understand that Muslims must help one another as much as possible at difficult times or situations.

The hadith mentions two things together: not deserting a Muslim brother and not looking down upon him. This shows that someone who despises his brother does not help him either. One who looks down on his brothers does not come to the help of those in need. One who despises the people who are financially lower than himself does not lend a helping hand to them either. Therefore, it must be one of the first principles of us in this life that we should not despise anyone with our words, thoughts and behaviours. In this way, we can find the spiritual strength to help needy people as much as we can with the means Allah has given us. By this way, we arrive at a position of thanking Allah for His blessings upon us.

Condemn nobody!

Regarding this subject our Prophet (pbuh) said that “When a person condemns you due to one of your faults which he knows, you shall not condemn him due to one of his mistakes which you know. Let him go! Let the sin of his action go to him and the reward come to you.”  (Bukhari, al-Adab Al-mufrad)

Knowing that we are in a test in this world we can say that every human can make mistakes. Every human can have faults. Therefore, how can we condemn others because of their faults when we have our own mistakes, faults and sins? In fact, from the hadith above we see that we should not even condemn those who condemn us due to our sins and mistakes. When you do not even condemn someone who condemns you, sin goes to that person, and reward comes to you, the one who shows patience and does not condemn that person in response. Our main principle in this matter should be focussing on our own mistakes.

Do not laugh at the misfortune of anyone!

One of the features of this test of life is that we are tested in different ways during our lifetime. These tests can be really difficult for some people and easier for others. This is also a test for us. When we see one of our Muslim brothers as being tested with a calamity, the things we should do are to pray to Allah for him, to help him if we can and to advise him to have patience. Allah forbid if we laugh at that troubled situation of this brother of ours. We should keep in mind that the calamity he has can also come to us. Let’s not be deceived by the games of our lower self and devil. On this subject our Prophet said “Do not rejoice over the mishaps of your brother so that Allah has mercy on him and subjects you to trials.” (Tirmidhi, Vol. 4, Book 11, Hadith 2506)

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