Man: the honoured guest

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1- is the final and most comprehensive fruit of the tree of the universe

2- in respect of the Muhammadan (Peace and blessings be upon him) Reality is its original seed

3- the supreme sign of the Qur’an of the universe.. and he is its ayat al-kursi (Throne Verse) bearing the Greatest Name

4- the most honoured guest in the palace of the universe.. the most active functionary empowered over the other inhabitants of the palace

5- the official charged with overseeing the income and expenditure, and the planting and cultivation of the gardens in the quarter of the earth in the city of the universe

6- is its most noisy and responsible minister, equipped with hundreds of sciences and thousands of arts..

7- and an inspector and sort of vicegerent of the Monarch of Pre-Eternity and Post-Eternity, under His close scrutiny, in the region of the earth in the country of the universe

8- and one with disposal over it whose actions, particular and universal, are all recorded

9- who has undertaken the Supreme Trust, from which the heavens and earth and mountains shrank

10- and before whom are two roads, on one of which he is the most wretched of living beings, and on the other, the most fortunate

11- and he is a universal bondsman charged with most extensive worship

12- the place of manifestation of the Greatest Name of the Monarch of the universe and a comprehensive mirror of all His Names

13- a special addressee of Allah (SWT), with the best understanding of His Divine addresses and speech

14- the most needy of the living beings of the universe.. and is a poor living creature

who has innumerable desires and goals, numberless enemies and things that harm him, despite his infinite poverty and weakness

15- is the richest in regard to abilities and potentialities

16- the most suffering in respect of the pleasures of life, whose enjoyment is marred by ghastly pains

17- who is the most needy and wanting, and worthy and deserving of immortality, and seeks and beseeches eternal happiness with endless prayers, and if all the pleasures of this world were given him, his desire for immortality would not be satisfied,

18- and who loves to the degree of worshipping Him the One Who bestows bounties on him, and makes Him loved and is loved

19- and all of whose faculties, which encompass the universe, testify that he was created to go to eternity

20- and a wondrous miracle of the Divine power and a marvel of creation.


*Imam Said Nursi, The Fruits of Belief, the 7th topic