Is not the retirement as far away as the paradise?

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So many people do not desire the hereafter life and its pleasures and delights as they reckon that they are too far away. Although same people attain the goal of raising to a high rank, reaching the retirement, owning a flat or a piece of land at the very last years of their life, they do not mind and they think those happy years are not very far away. Besides, they suffer much for these worldly materials. They try hard by spending all their life with big investments, labours, efforts and struggles in sweat and dirt. For the sake of those goals, they forget what the sunshine is; they do not have enough time for their children and for a good sleep; their relations with their wives and husbands are so weak that it looks as if they are living in different cities. It is strange that there is no guarantee for them for reaching their goals. At the very moment of when they reckon they attained their goals, most of them crossed with the truth of “Every soul shall have a taste of death”.

The result of all these efforts and big investments is the so called happiness of five or ten years and then, leaving all the profits and wealth behind. For them, happiness is buying a modest car or a small flat of three rooms (if they saved some money before for adding to the retirement bonus!) with their retirement bonus.

At the end, the time comes for leaving for the graveyard, a place of loneliness where none of relatives like father, mother, wife, children exist.

But, in the hereafter which is, wrongly, described as too far away, people who merit the heavenly rewards will own a land with palaces, gardens and ladies of paradise in it. These gifts are given almost at the same time with the retirement time or maybe a few years later. For acquiring these rewards, what we have to is to leave the wrong doings. The circle of lawful things is wide enough for our pleasures. There is no need to go out of this circle. What we have to pay is the small  prices like praying  five times a day which takes only an hour in a day time and the fasting which is stop eating and drinking for 15 days (as we are fasting only in day times, we are not fasting 30 days, as total)

The one who says that the Paradise is too far away and on the other hand, try so hard for a small flat or a piece of land or a high rank which are as far away as the Paradise, proves the truth of “The person’s biggest enemy is nobody else but himself.”

Could this kind of behaviour be just and logical?

It is told in one of the Sayings of Our Prophet (PBUH):

“The graveyard could be one of the gardens of the Paradise, or, could be one of the pits of the Hell.”