Is Coming Into Existence Possible on its own ?

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Ranging from the atoms to the stars an extraordinary harmony is observed throughout the universe. Two alternatives are in question for this excellent and harmonic composition’s coming into existence.

It is bound to be said either “Each being even an atom has such an intelligence and brilliance much higher than human beings. Thus; each one is able know and see everything in the universe and has the complete power to compose this excellent harmony consciously.” or “Beings are unconscious and unreasonable. If so; a superior Entity has created these unconscious but wonderful, well-equipped creatures with his all-encompassing knowledge (‘ilm) and infinite power and he operates the existence in an excellent harmony for highly precious goals.”

According to the first alternative, will we accept that flour; sugar and oil have the intelligence and ability to make a cake on their own? Neither a piece of cloth has the intelligence so that it can sew a dress; nor do the paint, brush and toil have the intelligence to compose a painting. Even a child can understand that as a cake indicates and requires the existence of a cook; a dress also indicates and requires the existence of a tailor, so does a picture the existence of an artist.

If a chemistry professor examining the water compound said: “The substance of water is composed of two elements: Hydrogen and Oxygen. These elements created the water substance.” and did not think of the Creator, the Legislator and the Operator of all these laws, he would display a ridiculous ignorance attributing intelligence and consciousness to those elements (hydrogen and oxygen). Yet flower, water, electricity, sun and air are much more impossible to come into existence on their own than slice of cake, a dress or a picture. This is because each of their creations is a miracle.

Eyes are to show us the physical materials, but wisdom is to show us the meaning behind these physical materials. If you realize, the wisdom (mind) is invisible, while it is accepted as a base to fathom many invisible things. We as humans have, not only the wisdom (mind), but also hundreds of invisible emotions (like conscience) which are seeking Allah and desiring to fathom his existence.

The victims of this materialist century ought to know that just as a book is appreciated through its meaning as a human being gains value through his spirit. (Without the spirit he is dead.) Physical material gains value through the spiritual meaning. The meanings observed behind the material are the attributes of Allah (swt).

The Universe is a kind of exhibition. All creatures are well-equipped artworks bestowed upon us and each one introduces us their creator; Allah (swt).

Earth is a factory; its engineer is Allah (swt).

Soil is a laboratory; its chemist is Allah (swt).

World is hospital; the doctor is Allah (swt).

World is a guesthouse; the hospitable host is Allah (swt).

Earth is a sanctuary; the worshipped is Allah (swt).

Bright objects on earth such as glass and water shine in the sunlight. Is each of them a sun having the heat and the sunshine in themselves or do they just get their light from the sun and reflect the sunlight? This means their brightness indicates the existence of the sun.

Brighter than the sun, every creature indicates that Allah‘s knowledge is all-encompassing, the Knower of all things and also indicates his unity, his names, attributes and his infinite power. So the people, who have not lost their minds and conscience, observe the attributes of Allah (swt) with admiration and worship him.