Evidences show the truth

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One day, a French guy who studies in a German university came alongside us. We had the following conversation.

Mind and science must be stayed away from religion; otherwise, mind and science would cause a person being removed out of the religion. Because the mind always asks and the science approaches everything with doubt; and questions and suspicion could remove the one’s faith out, he said.

In your religion and in your way of belief, these thoughts could be right, but, we do not have such understanding in our religion. In Islam, we comprehend every issue with both our hearts and our minds, we answered.


For instance, celestial religions tell that Adam was made of soil. But, accepting of the creation of human being from the soil is logically impossible. How that could be possible, he asked.

Not only Adam (PBUH) is made of soil, even today; you and I are created from the soil. Vegetables and fruits are grown up in the soil and we eat them. Our bodies and bones are formed with these products. As a result, our bodies are made of soil, we replied.

Besides, the products that we consume come from different parts of the world. So, our bodies are made of the soil from all over the world.

Then, we die and our bodies become soil by rotting in it. Well, couldn’t Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) who created the atoms of our bodies with different soils from all over the world, be able to collect and put together those atoms from the soil of two metres depth. Each year, He (SWT) creates endless number of plants, vegetables and fruits from the lifeless soil. After those vegetables are cooked and become quite lifeless, they are revived in our bodies as flesh and bone.

In short, living people are created out of lifeless soil. Allah (SWT) who created not only Adam (PBUH) but also all the human beings from the soil, (SWT) will revive them, in the same way maybe in a much easier way, on the Day of Judgement.

This is quite interesting, how was Jesus created without a father then, he asked.

In the same way that Allah (SWT) had created Adam (PBUH) without mother and father. The leaves also have no father. The reproduction law is valid among the fruits. During the creation of the fruits, male and female instruments come together but, this is not so in the creation of the leaves. The mothers of leaves are the trees but they do not have fathers, we said.

This is amazing, the science advises of approaching everything with suspicion. A philosopher said that he had suspected about what he had doubted. What do you think about this suspicious way of thinking, asked he.

If there is no positive or negative evidence about something, we have the right to suspect. But, there are some definite things that we can not be doubtful about. Suspicion could be beneficial in the way of brain exercises during researches, but, denying all the strong evidences is not a scientific approach and it means to regard science as it does not exist, we said.

For instance, we asked, have you ever seen a book without a writer?

No, he replied.

Have you ever seen a building without a builder?

No, he replied.

Well, each of the millions of books that you see has definitely writers and although you did not meet the writers, you do not hesitate about them, do you?

Also, you know, thousands of buildings that you see have their own architectures.

There are so many examples and evidences that each thing has a maker. But there is no proof or example in the world that anything is created by its own. As the reality shows the way, if you close your eyes and deny all those evidences and then, suspect about the existence of a Creator and if you say that all the creatures had been created by their own, wouldn’t you be in a big foolishness.”

You are absolutely right, he said.

Moreover, this guy was thinking that we did not believe in Jesus (PBUH), as they did not believe in Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We explained that we believed in all the Prophets (PBUT) including Prophet Jesus (PBUH) whose miracles are told in the Holy Qur’an. We read some parts related with Saint Mary (PBUH) from The Holy Qur’an.

Time was getting late.

He requested for leaving and said: “It was great pleasure to be with you.

It was an interesting conversation and I was influenced deeply. But, please do not mention my name as the one who converted to Islam.”

Then, we remembered the words of Imam Bediuzzaman, as: “We, Muslims, the Students of the Qur’an, depend on the evidences. We accept the Truths of Faith with our minds, thoughts and hearts. We are not giving up the evidences like some members of other religions so as to act like their clergymen.” We praise Allah (SWT) that He (SWT) created us as Muslims.

We comprehended once more that a religion which closes its doors to the mind and science cannot survive against a religion that proves all its issues with hundreds of scientific evidences.

Well, we say as Imam Bediuzzaman stated:

“The future is Islam’s, Islam’s alone, and the ruler will be the Truths of the Qur’an and Faith.

So, in the future when science and mind will be dominating, the Qur’an which is based on the evidences of mind will be the only Ruler.

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  1. This is the age of reason. Human is, for the time being, not questioning his being; but in near future he will be saved from his transitory passions and start to question the life and its meaning. Then Islam will give the reasonable answers to him.

  2. Thanks for these explanations.i wish my understandings of human creation progressed with them

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