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Four Explanations Showing that the Spirituality is Important

  1. The matter does not stand on its own. It depends on a meaning and that meaning is the life and spirit.
  2. The matter is not what is served but it is what serves. It serves a truth to ripe and that truth is life and the essence of the life is the spirit.
  3. The matter can’t be source of reference since it is not sovereign. The perfections are not demanded from it. On the contrary it is bounded and it depends on verdict of a rule. It acts according to instructions which this rule imposes and this rule is the life, spirit and consciousness.
  4. The matter is a shell, a bubble and an appearance which is always ready to crack and melt and to be torn and to be spoilt and to be dispersed.

Six Features Which Made the Companions Most Meritorious

  1. They were always together with the Prophet (PBUH) and showed loyalty and obedience.
  2. They were strongly against infidels.
  3. They were compassionate and merciful towards each other.
  4. They were eager to gain good pleasure of Allah (SWT).

Ten Evidences Proving the Existence of the Angels

1.  The truth requires the existence of the angels.

2. The situation and inner reality of the universe prove the existence of the angels.

3.  Wisdom requires the existence of the angels.

4. The relationship between matter and spirit indi­cates the existence of the angels and spirits.

5. The fact that most of the philosophical move­ments and religions are unanimous in existence of the angels is a strong evidence proving the existence of the angels.

6.  The laws ruling the universe show their existence.

7. That just one member of the angels has been seen through all human history is an evidence proving the general reality of existence of the angels.

8. The fact that all prophets and saints agree on the reality of the angels proves this reality.

9. The wisdom of representing the prayers which each created being does through its tongue of disposition orally and consciously shows and proves the existence of the angels.

10.  The divine wisdom requires the existence of the servants who will work consciously and free of charge in the universe which is like a huge palace.

Four Reasons of the Inefficiency of Sermons of Preachers

  1. The rigidity of the hearts of the listeners
  2. The preachers portray their arguments with a pompous and exaggerated manner comparing contemporary age to the previous ones. Whereas they need to pro­vide their arguments to be effec­tive through demonstrations, and inquisitive people to be convinced they neglect this point.
  3. While they try to encourage people to do something or dis­courage them to do evil things by enumerating their damages they decrease the importance of an­other thing which is actually more important than what they stress on. Thus they can’t preserve the balance in the Islamic law.
  4. They do not talk according to the situation of people whom they address, conditions of the time in which people they address live, and appropriate treatment needed for the illness which all are parts of a good articulation.

Three Features Which the Preachers Need To Have

  1. They need to be scholars who research the truths with their proofs so that they can per­suade people.
  2. They need to be scholars who scrutinize the benefits and wisdoms of each subject matter attentively so that they do not confuse the bal­ance in the Islamic law.
  3. They need to have a convincing and elo­quent rhetoric so that they can talk according to the conditions of the time and their audience.

Two Sentences Which Are Root Causes of the Immorality and Chaos

1. “As long as I am full I care no longer for the ones who starve to death.”

What will rehabilitate this idea is generalization of the principle of zakat in Islam.

2. “You work so that I will spend and consume.” The treatment for this idea is banning of usury.