124 thousand prophets, 124 million saints

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How many prophets were sent to the humanity? Is it 124 thousand? And is it true that 124 million saints lived in the world?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) answered the question “How many prophets were sent?” as “One hundred and twenty four thousand.” (Musnad Ahmad, v.45, p.252)

The number of the saints, however, has been hundreds of millions. Because, many saints were raised in the community of all the prophets and particularly in the ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Throughout centuries, the number of those saints had definitely reached hundreds of millions.

The expression “124 million saints” is used to mean “hundreds of millions” in the harmony of the prophets’ numbers.

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  1. May God grant us jannah so that we can meet these mubarak people of humanity. All of them like stars of human history.

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