What will Prophet Jesus do when he returns?

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A Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
At the end of time, Isa (Jesus) (Upon whom be peace) will come and will act in accordance with the Shari’a of Muhammed (PBUH),” (Bukhari, Mazaalim: 31; Buyu’:102, Muslim, Iman, 242,343, Ibn Majah, Fitan:33) …..)

The Hadith indicates that at the end of time the religion of Christianity will be purified and divest itself of superstition in the face of the current of unbelief and atheism born of Naturalist philosophy, and will be transformed into Islam. At this
point, just as the collective personality of Christianity will kill the fearsome collective personality of irreligion with the sword of heavenly Revelation, so too, representing the collective personality of Christianity, Isa (Jesus) (Upon whom be peace) will kill the Dajjal (Antichrist), who represents the collective personality of irreligion, that is, he will kill atheistic thought. [Bediuzzaman, 1st Letter]

More on Jesus (PUH):

Degrees of life: 

There are five degrees of life. The Third Level of Life is that of Idris (Enoch) and Isa (Jesus) (May Allah grant them peace) which, being removed from the requirements of humanity, enters an angelic life and acquires a luminous fineness. Quite simply, Idris and Jesus are present in the heavens with their earthly bodies, which have the subtlety of bodies from the World of Similitudes and the luminosity of star-like bodies. [First Letter]


God did not forsake Jesus! 

And they (Jews) set a trap for (Jesus), and Allah set a trap for (them) (counteracted),
too. And Allah is the best of those who sets traps. At that time Allah said, “O Jesus, indeed I will take you and raise you to Myself and purify you from those who disbelieve and make those who follow you [in submission to Allah alone] superior to those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection. Then to Me is your return; and I will judge between you  oncerning
that in which you used to differ.” (3:54,55)



Why is it that the other prophets only foretold the coming of Muhammad (ASW), while Isa (Jesus) (AS) described it
more strongly than any other Prophet did?

ANSWER: Muhammad (ASW) defends Isa (Jesus) (AS) against the awesome denial and slanders of the Jews (AS) and saves Isa (Jesus)’s true religion from corruption. Furthermore, instead of the burdensome distorted religion of the Children of Israel who do not recognize Isa (Jesus) (AS), he presents a feasible and all-encompassing religion that will complete the true religion of Isa (Jesus) (AS). For this reason Isa (Jesus) (AS) announced many times the joyful tidings of the coming of the world’s leader. [19th Letter]