The Real Identity of Women: Tasattur

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Tasattur (Islamic dress code) is the most constant and the most sacred divine law pertaining to the community life. As 350 thousand Qur’anic interpretations (tafseer) and 350 million scholars (‘ulama) agreed on this covering issue, all the Divine Books also agree on this matter.

Women leaving their coverings seized by the European mindset, which does not fit with the honour of Muslim women, both distort their innocent natures and are lowered to the degree of toys by those dark powers aiming to destroy the moral disposition of society. Risale-i Nur does have a serious influence on women allowing them to regain their “innocence” which is their true fitrah (nature). Risale-i Nur treatises help women gain back their real identity by correcting their nature which has been distorted by the European so called sense of modernity.

The major factor of the distortion of women’s nature is undoubtedly not to wear their Islamic dresses. Immodest dress and free-and-easy behaviour distort woman’s innocent nature which is incapable of doing evil. Thus woman while playing the most important role in beautifying the moral values of both family and society plays the reverse role and through being immodestly dressed she happens to be the source of immorality, indecency and obscenity. Unfortunately, some ignorant women are deceived by the committees which are working seriously for directing women to immoral ways by making use of them in order to gain wicked benefits.

“Today’s sense of modernity made women leave their homes, lose their courtesy and lowered their value to the worthless degree. Orders of Islam invite them to the mercy, to their earlier homes. Their courtesy are there and their comforts are in their houses and in family life.

Chastity is their adornment; sublimity is their good nature, purity is their kindness and beauty, the best perfection of theirs is compassion, their entertainment is their children. They must have strong perseverance in order to bear all the causes of mischief (fitnah).” (A Guide for Women)*

“And so I decidedly state the following to you my sisters and my spiritual children:

The sole means of saving women’s happiness both in the hereafter and in the world, as well as saving their elevated innate qualities from corruption is no other than the religious training given within the circles of Islam.” (A Guide for Women)

Immodest Dressing Harms the Iman (Faith) In the Heart

“Yes, it is narrated in the descriptions of old times that a tribe of soldiers consisting of women who were very good at fighting called amazons had been making fabulous fights. Precisely as the deviation of the unbelievers at this time, in their war against Islam, the most effective and terrified community which is under the command of the devil is the community of the women who are obscene leaving the proper, modest and decent veiling and true hijab by showing their legs. With their knife-like naked legs, they attack believers by assaulting them. Trying to close the door of marriage, enlarging the road to adultery, they are enslaving most of the believers and tearing their hearts and souls apart, and even killing most of those hearts.” (A Guide for Women)

“It is understood from the narrations of the hadith that the most fearsome role played in the fitnah of the akhir-zaman (the mischief raised in the last time) is that of women and their fitnah.” (A Guide for Women)

Damaging Impacts of Immodest Dressing on Family Life

Marriage is a sacred institution providing man with social wellness, welfare and individuals with healthy and happy living conditions. Loyalty is the major principle for this marriage institution to continue, which is considered sacred in all divine religions. Covering and veiling (tasattur) is one of the most crucial evidences of the real love and true loyalty between the spouses. Obscenity and unveiling do serious harms to these esteemed values.

As is known, the only tendency between man and woman is a law for the continued existence of new generations. Obscenity causes this divine law to be misused. A man may encounter immodestly dressed and obscene women at the outside and may find most of them more appealing and beautiful than his wife and he may like them. So, this tendency may be a start which could result in a “cheating” action. Also a woman may compare her husband with other men she would come across outside and tend to show her beauties and attract those she found likable. Yes, covering prevents these vulgar feelings and thoughts that destroy fidelity, trust, respect and love within the family members to a great extent; on the other hand, being unveiled and obscenity brings about such demonical feelings resulting in desperate situations. These immoral situations are tearing thousands of families apart, making children miserable, composing mentally ill generations and causing society to collapse both physically and spiritually. Sound solutions can be obtained only when women come to adopt authentic and decent way of covering.” What we mean by the “authentic and decent way of covering” is that the covering shouldn’t reveal the attraction and the beauty of a woman.

Nowadays, ‘divorce cases’ are being filed every minute in almost every country in the world and ‘betraying one’s partner’ is the major factor of the divorces. The role of obscenity and unveiling in these cases is indisputably significant. Imam Said Nursi pointed out this issue in the treatise of “A Guidance for Women” as follows:

“The welfare of a family is perpetuated through a mutual confidence and heartfelt respect and love between husband and wife. Immodest dress and obscenity destroy this confidence and also spoils the mutual respect and love.” (A Guidance for Women)

Couples who don’t trust each other form unhealthy families. And unhealthy families cause problems for future generations. Furthermore, another serious result of being unveiled is that it causes cohabitation without marriage. The main reason for young people to prefer an unmarried cohabitation instead of marriage is that they are unable to find a reliable couple because they don’t wear covering and with the fear that they may have an anxious family atmosphere. That is to say, being unveiled is a devastating impact made directly on the family, which is the most important fundamental of a society.

Immodest Dress Causes Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Weak Generations

It is demonstrated in Risale-i Nur that dressing immodestly and obscenity results in a weak generation not only in spiritual aspects but also physically and mentally.

“Obscenity, by continually stimulating the fleshly desires of susceptible and sensitive people in hot countries, of course, is a cause of self-abuse and weakness in the generation and downfall in the strength.” (A Guide for Women)

A Bloodcurdling Consequence of Obscenity

Obscenity causes some people’s perverted manners having tendencies in sexual deviation to be unveiled. The increase of domestic sexual abuse and violence is directly proportional to the increasing number of obscenity and the obscene publications. To be unveiled paves the way for stimulating these deviant senses and immorality. Imam Nursi explains the causes of this bloodcurdling situation which means humanity turns to be bestiality as follows:

“By nature, a man cannot have lusty desires towards his intimates (mahram) such as his own sister, because, the faces of the intimates (mahram) destroy lusty or sexual inclinations by reminding the compassion and mercy coming from relationship and intimacy. However; keeping certain parts of the body uncovered such as the legs which is not permissible to show even to those who are regarded as intimates (mahram) by the sharia (Islaic law) may arouse an extremely unpleasant and nasty feeling within wretched souls. Because the face of an intimate (mahram-one with whom marriage is prohibited such as sisters, brothers, mother, father, aunt, uncle) acquaints of the intimacy and doesn’t resemble to namahram (stranger) which means one with whom marriage is not prohibited. But naked leg is related to other parts of the intimates’ body than their faces. It doesn’t reveal any distinctive feature of the intimate, thus; it is possible to stimulate the bestial desires in some wretched intimates (mahrams-those with whom marriage is prohibited in Islam.) This kind of a desire is the bloodcurdling collapse of humanity!”

The Unveiled Woman Cannot Find the Peace She Seeks

European civilizations have imposed on women the fallacy that “they can only be free and happy when they are uncovered and unveiled.” But, unfortunately unveiled and obscene women have never been able to find the peace they desire in their lives. Because an unveiled woman loses her dignity and solemnity to a great extent, besides, she cannot find a compassionate life partner that would understand and console her delicate heart and make her happy. Because she cannot find a suitable husband, she tries to fulfil this need with strangers; an unveiled woman loses her peace day by day. Bediuzzaman explains how obscenity decreases the value of woman as follows:

The exact punishment of those knife-like dangerous legs exposed to the concupiscence desires of the strangers (namahram) for a few years, they will burn in the first place in the hell fire as the woods of hell and because of losing her reliance and loyalty even in this world, she can no longer find the suitable husband whom she craves for and whom she needs by her true nature. Even if she finds, he will be troublesome to her. Moreover; it is comprehended from the narration of the hadith that in conclusion of this situation, females will be so worthless and valueless that in some places one man would be seen followed by forty women seeking refuge with him on account of the scarcity of males and abundance of females because of indifference and disobedience of the marriage at the last time (akhirzaman). (A Guide for Women)

The dissipated civilizations of this time, by not accepting the covering, distort the real beauty of women and want to reflect only their outer and material beauty to the eyes, namely their femininity and obscenity. Owing to the indecent and immodest dressing, nowadays, when the word “women” is pronounced, “femininity” and “obscenity” come to mind. According to this point of view; an old and ugly woman who lost her beauty does not mean anything. But the true beauties of a woman, which are great an honour for her, are her compassion, her being an ever-lasting life partner, her self-sacrifice and her maternity.

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In this sense, only having a modest and decent dressing uncovers the women’s real beauties. Quite the contrary; being unveiled hides and hinders the real beauties of a woman and reduces her to a degree of an object recognized only of body and skin.

“Along with being in accordance with woman’s nature, the Qur’an’s veiling command saves women -the mines of compassion and eternal worthy companions- from degeneration, abasement, what is in fact slavery and wretchedness.” (A Guide for Women)

Tasattur (Being Covered) Is the True Modernity and the True Sense of Being Civilized

At this time, wise Muslim women are preserving their dignity and solemnity by wearing the covering (hijab). They are preserving their coverings (hijabs), which is giving strength to their weakness, and they are preserving their value and preciousness. Thus; by perpetuating their most beloved beauty, which in reality lasts short, they show how smart they are in their movements and what a profitable trade they do. They also prove their high level of civilization, modernity and culture by not leaving the Islamic dress for the sake of so-called modernity of some corrupt societies, nations and individuals. This is because the term of “being civilized” doesn’t approve of harming the rights of society for some selfish pleasures and profits. Civilized women can willingly bear this temporary and slight difficulty for the sake of improving the morals and faith of the societies.

It is definitely certain in the hadith that if that beauty is embellished in the circle of Islamic manners with the adornment of the Quran’s convenience, that mortal beauty will survive eternally and will be given back to her more adorably and more flashily than the houris (female spouses in paradise) have. (A Guide for Women)

“And so I decidedly state the following to you my sisters and my spiritual children:

The sole means of saving women’s happiness both in the hereafter and in the world as well as saving their elevated innate qualities from corruption is no other than the religious training given within the circles of Islam.” (A Guide for Women)

“Along with being in accordance with woman nature, the Qur’an’s veiling command saves women -the mines of compassion and eternal worthy companions- from degeneration, abasement, what is in fact slavery and wretchedness.” (A Guide for Women)

In short; nations having women communities who have left the modestly covering principle, are doomed to having moral breakdowns. Modest and decent dressing is an indispensable fundamental for the welfare of the individuals, families and societies. Any person whose conscious and mental reasoning is not dead can clearly fathom that the necessity for the covering is not dependent on Islam but on humanity. To be able to accept and affirm the necessity for the covering issue; surely there is no need to be Muslim, just being a human is enough for grasping that fact.

* A Guide for Women, which is a treatise in Risale-i Nur Collection, written by Imam Badiuzzaman Said Nursi.

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