‘Spring youth’ and the wind

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It seems that the use of the phrase ‘Arab spring’ will bring about new ‘spring’ rhetoric. In recent weeks I have written an

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article with the titleIf the spring will ever come, it will be for us all!” addressing the masses in the squares, to point that the destiny of the Islamic world is indivisible. One of my readers asked me the wisdom and whether there is any reference to the current spring behind Bediuzzaman’s following statement: “I was hasty, I came in winter, but you will come in a paradiselike spring.

Of course, put aside all freshness, beauty and scenes full of signs of resurrection, the spring abounds also with typhoons, rains, thunders, rush and excitement.

Taking into account all these meanings it is possible to say that not only the Arab world but also all the Islamic world is experiencing a spring rush. Yet, it is not easy for now to guess how long this

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spring will last.

The important point is: If you carry out your preparations, check outs, pest controls, cleanings and precautions in the spring season the harvesting in summer will be well accordingly. And now ‘the spring youth’ needs the same care and support. Their capabilities are required to be developed through well designed mechanisms and opportunities for service to the good and their awareness of revival and resistance requires to be strengthened by the values of Islam; and they need to be led a straight path. It is obvious that the biggest share of responsibility in this process falls upon Turkey.

Government, universities, institutes, volunteer organizations, foundations and community groups are responsible for awakening and integrity of ‘spring youth’.

There are estimates that the upheavals beginning with Arab spring may last ‘a decade’. First ten years before us are very important. In order for this process to turn into a bountiful summer the appropriate steps should be taken with ‘agreement’ and ‘solidarity’ in a time when the sinister clandestine organizations are deciphered and dispersed.

Otherwise, we will lose our wind!

It is useful to remember the meaning of two verses from the Qur’an:

“O you who have believed, when you encounter a company [from the enemy forces], stand firm and remember Allah much that you may be successful. And obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your wind (strength) would depart; and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (Al Anfal, 45,46)

These two verses have been interpreted thoroughly by mufassirin. Bediuzzaman put the second one in the beginning of ‘Treatise on Sincerity.’

There are five key words here: dhikr (remembrance), dispute, fear, wind (strength) and patience.

Let us focus on a few points for now, referring tafseer books for further interpretations.

-Big or small, victory or defeat, nothing should prevent us from jihad.

-“dispute (niza’), inter-fight and hesitance lead us into weakness, laziness, diffidence, cowardice, stupidity and intimidation.” (see Elmalili tafseer)

– That situation prevents and destroys the wind. What is meant by wind is ‘power’ and ‘strength’.

It means to lose authority and gravity.

-Patience is elixir and cure in every situation. For Allah is with patients He bestows victory upon them.

Now that is what we need most in this current spring: The wind.

And it is clear what needs to be done to earn and preserve it.

The steps should be taken with anxiety of “what if we lose our wind!”

Nothing can be replaced by the wind!

Many geniuses, powerful commanders and intelligent politicians have been trapped in the same way. They were not startled and frightened! They did not carry the anxiety of “what if we lose our wind!” They were not scared of the idea “what if I cause to that outcome”.

What is left from a society which loses its wind?

In such a case, the target and purpose are confused! The nations

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who lose their wind get baffled, nervous and pessimistic.

Their feelings of safety and loyalty are shaken.

If there are three people and able to preserve their wind and act with a real alliance and solidarity, they are equal to the strength and value of one hundred and eleven men.

In these days that we feel sorry because of our martyrs we need to produce real and authentic projects to protect and lead ‘spring youth’.

And without losing the wind!