Pure Misguidance

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Everything was as usual and I was happy to begin a new day with fully refreshed and adhan recitation all around Istanbul until I read the news and sadness aroused in me when I started reading the lines; “Germany is also in alarm for a probable attack from Muslims.”…….. “It is stated that a hundred Islamist Terrorists walking around.

This essay was pointing out the definition “Muslim Terrorist”. If you ask why? We can say that it became so easy in the world to blame Muslims and find a connection between Islam and Terrorism as a result of lasting struggles of Western World. Is this really possible for a Muslim to turn into a terrorist? Or can he still stay Muslim if he really chooses to be a terrorist?

Terrorism is the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion, acts of unlawful violence and war.

Islam means justice, law, peace, respect, honor, forgiveness and caring about the others’ rights, helping those who are in need and keeping this world a place to be lived in peace.


A pure contradiction… An obvious insult… A ruthless slander…

There are two reasons for this enmity.

The first one is that they don’t know who/what they are accusing of. Because humans are naturally the enemies of the unknown or unreached… As a result of the propagandas all around the world through media; newspapers, TV, radio, internet and magazines, most of the population of the world is being poisoned and brainwashed with these false information, libel. So, they have to believe what they are forced to and it becomes doubly hard to see the real aspect of the scenery.

Opening eyes to reality we are facing with perfections of humanity. We will give one example to disclose what we explained above.

The Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Treat women nicely…“and “The best amongst you, are the best for their wives”. There are thousands of women communities all around the world just to protect their rights and to be treated well but even they are trying hard, they still couldn’t reach their goal. But Islam gives this chance from the very beginning. Can being the best of all humankind by just treating your wife nicely be called as Terrorism?

And another example goes on;

“One person’s rights could not be violated even

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for society’s sake.” (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi)

Just think about it and try to understand the deep meaning aiming human rights, not only human, but also the rights of an ant.

The second reason of their enmity is that they are doing it on purpose. If asked why they are doing it intentionally, the basic answer would be the fear of limiting the “unlimited freedom.”

What strengthened my faith to study more about my world were the unfair attacks of some people causing innocent people to know Islam wrongly and also Muslims.

So it is obvious that everyone should do their best to prevent all the works going towards misguidance by enlightening them with the light of peace.

May Allah be with you.