January-March 2012 Issue

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A father, a husband, a friend, a commander-in-chief, a head of stateand a messenger of Allah, all in one person in perfect harmony

The Truth about the Prophet Muhammad

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Articles from this Issue

Think Tanks and the Future of the Islamic World By Idris TUZUN

Think tanks, the collective intellect of society, producesystematic and specialized knowledge, which in turn means power. Read the article











Organizing Muslim Religious Life in Macedonia By Suleyman RECEBI

Progress in social and technological fields brought about positive developments inthe mentality of Macedonia’s Muslims, and thus helped to organize religious life. Read the article











One Voice, Full Unity! By Dr Huseyin Kami BUYUKOZER

To achieve the goal of Halal around the world,the Muslim community have to act together. Read more

Beware of Halal

The 4th International Halal Food Conference showed howMuslim scholars are expert on the Halal issue. However,Muslim NGOs must increase public awareness;and pious entrepreneurs must enter the Halal business. Read more

The truth about the Prophet Muhammad



A Modest Man

His Courtesy, Compassion and Altruism

His Conduct With People

His Courtesy towards the Needy

His Conduct with Women

His Advice aboutthe Rights of Neighbours

His Conduct with Criminalsand Captives of War

His Conduct With Animals

His Forgiveness

His Generosity

His Humility

A story and what it refers to By Cemal ERSEN

Some reflections on the resurrection through a metaphoricalstory in the resurrection epistle of Imam Nursi












Husrev in his Ustad’s view By Metin UCAR

The portrayal of Ahmed Husrev Altinbasak in Said Nursi’s treatisesshows his significant place in the Risale-i Nur movement. Read the article












Andalusian Literature By Prof. Dr Abdulwahid LULUA

Andalusian Muslims excelled also in Literature and affectedthe West here as much as they did in other fields. Read more












Halal Food – Legal Definitions of the Terms Pertinent to Islamic Dietary Laws By Dr Muhammad Mazhar HUSSAINI Read the article

His Beautiful Names – Ar Rahim (The Most Merciful) By Ilyas RAMAZANOGLU Read

Benchmarks From Risale-i Nur By Mustafa TOPOZ

Golden Portraits – A peak of wisdom and knowledge By Feridun SAMIL Read the article

The History Box By Ahmed Said GUNDUZ

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