Imam Bediuzzaman remembered in Burkina Faso

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Imam Bediuzzaman Said Nursi has been commemorated by his students in Burkina Faso at the 57th anniversary of his death with a program titled “The Personality of Imam Bediuzzaman and His Service to the Islamic Thought.”

Held in the capital Ouagadougou the program started with the Qur’an recitation of Abdurrahim Ouedraogo.

Hayrat Foundation representative Yasir Kaya made the first presentation titled “The Personality of Imam Bediuzzaman.” Imam Bediuzzaman’s life was chronologically given in this presentation.

Then Hayrat Foundation Burkina Faso representative Said Ilboudo made the second presentation titled “Imam Bediuzzaman’s Service to the Islamic Thought.” His speech was on the role of Imam Bediuzzaman in the changing world order and the new and great style he brought.

After the presentations the participants also shared their comments. They got answers to their questions from the speakers.

The participants praised Imam Bediuzzaman in their comments, and thanked Hayrat Foundation for opening a Risale-i Nur centre which has become a means of bringing the works and thoughts of this valuable person to Burkina Faso.