Finding pretexts for attacking the pious predecessors

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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

Today there are some people who want to spread their denial of the Schools of Legal Thought. They claim equality with the imams of the Schools of Legal Thought, the great mujtahid (interpreters) of the law, by saying “They were humans like us, why should we be compelled to follow them?” They even claim equality with the sahaba (companions).

However, they talk as if they are from Ahl al-Sunnah (the people of sunnah) when they give lectures. In this way, they try to convince their audience that they are not misguided. They gradually leave question marks in the minds of their listeners about some issues. They finally reveal their real ideas after years when they feel their audience is ready.

First of all, the problem in this issue is about the lower self. They see themselves better in Islamic knowledge. They cannot – or do not want to – realize how spiritually high the Companions and those imams are and that no one can reach their level in this age. Their lower self does not accept it.

Moreover, some of them see the companions and interpreters as obstacles to their dissipation. These people have become decadent and addicted to indulgence; and they cannot carry out the obligations of the Islamic law. In other words, they try to find a pretext for their debauchery, to open a way to their sins, or to find so called scholarly excuses in their own way in order that they do not perform the obligatory actions and sunnahs which they would not practice anyway.

Although they seem apart from one another, these people serve the same purpose. In regard to religion, they sometimes deny predestination and sometimes the hadiths. At times they disregard the opinions of the companions and the interpreters and then totally ignore the four real mazahab (Schools of Legal Thought). Moreover, they themselves make interpretations about every ruling of Islam, and they even fall to the low degree of criticizing the Prophet (alayhissalatu wassalam).

They make a lot of people believe in their claims, thus harming a lot of people’s faith.

They give lectures about a lot of subjects and historical events down to the last detail, but they accuse almost all of the companions of lying. The question is “where do they learn these events that they talk about in detail?” Moreover, how can they be sure that the things they lecture are true while they accuse the companions of lying?

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There are many other subjects covered in this issue. The need for change in the philosophical core of educational system, disciplining the lower self, the ways to prevent mischief, protecting the women’s rights are some of them.

I hope you enjoy reading and benefit from our 29th issue.

Fi amanillah!

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