Final Declaration of The Third International Bediuzzaman and Risale-i Nur Symposium

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All the positive sciences, which are the reflections of ‘Alim (Knower) divine name of Allah, absolutely through their special language have been witnessing the existence and uniqueness of Allah. Due to this witnessing when a believer studies the positive sciences he can watch the beautiful name of his Rabbul ‘alamin through the spiritual binoculars of these sciences.

The universe and the beings in the universe are the biggest proofs for being known of Allah who is the Rabbul ‘alamin. All creatures witness and indicate the existence of Allah who is Lord of them, either through tongue of disposition or through oral language.

The management and conduct of a hundred soldiers by a commander is a hundred times easier than management of a soldier by a hundred commanders. In the same way if the creation and management and conduct of all creatures is not given to Allah, the creation of just a creature gets harder as much as the creation of all universe and creation of a seed gets harder as much as creation of a tree. If they are given to the true creator then the entire universe gets easier like a tree and a tree gets easier like a seed and jannah gets easier like a spring season, so facility prevails.

The bounties which Allah granted to humans are much beyond number. Of course the principal one of those bounties is belief in Allah. As we are not able to count and list all of the bounties of Allah, we cannot count the results and fine fruits of iman which is the biggest bounty of Allah. We can say in short that humans have been created to be the recipient of all reflections of names of Allah and the place where his works reflect and a little model to the universe. If the nur of iman penetrates his/her heart all the meaningful arts on him/her, namely, all the beauties of names of Allah appear on him/her and with the light of iman all the names of Allah can be read on humans. Thus, humans fulfil the duty of being khalif and to be created as ahsan-ul taqwim.

Divinity cannot be without risalat (prophethood). Yes, the Eternal Power who did not leave his creatures even the ants and bees without leader and administrator, of course does not leave the human who is honoured one of the creatures and for whom the universe was created and whom all the universe serve and who is equipped with talents and tools which Allah did not give any other creature, without prophet because the order of the universe needs so…!

He, namely Muhammad (alayhissalatu wassalam) is the the leader, sayyid of all the prophets and imam of all prophets and leader of all asfiya and the closest of those who are close to Allah and the perfect one of all creatures and the sultan of all murshidin. Yes, other than the thousand miracles proving his prophethood such as cracking of the moon and flowing of water from his fingers with the documentation of researcher people the Quran is an ocean of truths and a great miracle in terms of forty aspects and is enough to show his prophethood like a sun.

Allah has charged prophets for every historical nation. These prophets trained their ummahs (nations) spiritually and motivate and drive them for pursuit of pleasure of Allah and they provided their ummahs development in terms of art and science. The miracles which they showed constituted the proofs for the basic tenets of iman foremost the existence and uniqueness of Allah and at the same time these miracles provide new vision and good opportunity and make way for development in terms of science and technology and they cause the people to imitate them leading their development. From that perspective the prophets are both spiritual and material leaders and chiefs.

First Allah’s Divine Names, heralds of our Prophet (pbuh) and all prophets, the first creation of the human and all creatures, changing and transformation of earth, day and night, winter and spring are the certain proofs of occurrence of the resurrection and doomsday.

Death is not extinction and vanishing. It is not the annihilation of soul with the corpse by decaying. On the contrary, death is the release of the soul, discharge from its worldly duty by leaving its load and changing the place. Death is the gateway to the real native land of the human being.

The resurrection creed is an absolute must for both man’s personal life and family and social life, and the arrangement and bliss of them.  Especially children, the old, patients and victims’ cure, remedy and refuge is belief in hereafter and life in hereafter.

The Holy Qur’an’s greatest miracle is its eloquence, namely, together with the orderliness of the speech, the Qur’ans addressing the audience according to features and place of audience. Even the most stubborn enemies could not object to that and had to accept this feature of the Holy Qur’an. Moreover, they prostrated themselves before the Qur’an’s eloquence.

Isharatu’l I’jaaz, which Bediuzzaman wrote in 1915 during First World War in the battlefield, is a matchless exegesis in its field. Just the first volume of this work was completed due to the war condition and the next disasters although it was planned as sixty or seventy volumes. In this exegesis in which thirty three verses are explained in 260 pages Bediuzzaman inspected every verse one by one and showed the delicate meanings in them and he explained them with relations among them at the same time. In other words, he inspected all the verses answering questions such as “what is the relation of a word with the word before it and after it? Why is this word is located here?” Even sometimes he continued his inspection on the letters of the Qur’an.