Editor’s letter: The Pen 25

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Islamic faith makes this life a joyful journey to the hereafter

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

In the 25th issue of The Pen you will read articles on the evidence for the existence of Allah (swt), protecting our faith today, not to be alone to be among the people of salvation, the case of Andalusia showing the tolerance in Islam, the impact of Ramadan to the economy, frugality and extravagance from Islamic perspective, halal food and market opportunities.

We have two exclusive pieces in this issue: “A joyous journey of life with faith” and “The spiritual secrets of la ilaha illallah, لااله الا الله,” “the Second Word” and “The Tenth Proof of Faith” from the Risale-i Nur Corpus respectively.

Faith transforms human life into a joyous journey, whereas disbelief causes even the good to appear to be bad. Faith causes the true, joyous nature of beings, as well as hidden truths, to become manifest for the believer. Faith carries the seed of the spiritual Ṭuba Tree of heaven.

“A joyous journey of life with faith” explains this truth impressively.

“The spiritual secrets of la ilaha illallah” put the following truth in plain words:

True bliss, pure happiness, and sweet blessings can only come from knowledge of Allah and love of Allah (swt). There can be no bliss nor happiness nor blessings without them.

We have included two beautiful talks broadcasted on Hayrat Web TV:

“The meaning of life and how it gains value,” and “Ramadan: the golden opportunity.” The first one answers “Why does this valuable life ends very quickly, shouldn’t it be longer?” The second one highlights the holy month Ramadan as the big opportunity not to be missed by a Muslim.

We also have a piece from Majmu’a Rasail Imam Ghazali: Principles of raising children. Imam Ghazali put forward principles to raise children in his work.

Two articles discuss the ways to save our faith and to be among the people of Paradise: “How to protect our faith?” and “The way to be the people of salvation: not to be alone.”

You will also find a piece about the advices of Imam Said Nursi which he gave to the first MPs of the Republic of Turkey in 1922.

There is a special report on Syrian’s education in Turkey by Hayrat Aid. The report describes the situation, shows the problems, and proposes solutions for the education of Syrian children and youth.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue of The Pen.

Fi amanillah!

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