Bediuzzaman Said Nursi dedicated his entire life to Islam

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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

First of all, let me share the good news with you. A new translation of three epistles of the Risale-i Nur in English has been published: The Resurrection Epistle, The Short Words, and The Five Epistles.

This new, critical English translation of the Risale-i Nur Corpus by Hayrat Foundation is the fruit of an exhaustive, line-by-line analysis of the text in the Ottoman original, including a comprehensive comparison with the previous Arabic translation.

The goal has been to achieve an unprecedented accuracy in conveying the richness and profundity of the complete meaning of the original, while offering an idiomatic equivalence and poetic richness in English that hopes to transmit something of its grandeur, eloquence and beauty.

The translation committee is made up of experts in the Ottoman Turkish, English and Arabic languages, as well as the Islamic sciences. The process of translation has been aided by the editing expertise of numerous writers, theologians and Nursian scholars as well as of professional Risale practitioners and readers.

The translation committee have tried to ensure that the work is a faithful, non-anachronistic reflection of the original that takes into account the ultimately scholastic nature of the work. As such, it perhaps represents a work as close to an “official,” scholarly English translation of the Risale-i Nur as presently exists.

Hopefully, this new translation will succeed in opening up the grandeur and beauty of the Risale-i Nur to English speakers, and will serve to guide, inspire, and deepen the faith of new generations of Muslims in these challenging yet hopeful times.

For non-Muslims, it serves as an invitation to greater proximity to the spiritual and intellectual riches of the Islamic revelation, an invitation of surpassing courtesy and seriousness; its author was not only a fully realised Imam of the Islamic tradition in all of its dimensions, but had moreover comprehensively mastered the Western science and philosophy of his day. The Risale-i Nur’s message of love extends to all humanity, and embraces all sincere seekers of truth.

This new translation can be accessed online via “Hayrat Kitaplık” mobile application.


In our 27th issue there are pieces that you will benefit a lot.

We have the piece “Answers to the slanders against Imam Nursi” which gives examples of Imam Nursi’s unique heroism in the struggle for religion and homeland in order to enlighten and inform the public opinion about his personality and brightful cause. It has been written from necessity to give answers to the slanders of some people who started smearing the distinguished personality and blessed cause of Imam Bediuzzaman Said Nursi.

We have an exclusive piece on the resurrection: Corporeal resurrection is the most powerful case and reality manifest in this world. It is “The Sixth Proof of Faith” from the Risale-i Nur Corpus.

We also have a beautiful piece written by The Hayrat Publishing Translation Committee. What type of book is the Risale-i Nur? What objective did Said Nursi have in mind when writing the Risale-i Nur? Where is its place in the history of the Islamic sciences? You can find answers to these questions and more in this piece.

There are many more pieces you can enjoy in this issue. I hope you benefit and enjoy reading our new issue.

Fi amanillah!


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