We need a guide – the most perfect guide

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In this day and age, human mind and heart roll about between good and evil in a dreadful, spiritual storm. We, our family, our friends and all others are in a great danger of losing the direction that goes to shore of safety.

We have hesitations, uncertainties, whisperings of Satan and worries. Sometimes we feel like we are lost. We cannot decide which way to go. Sometimes we fall into despair and come to the point of surrendering to the whims of the lower self. We cannot take the right course of action.

We are in a constant exam until we pass away. Although we have the true faith, as the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) said our lower-self (nafs) always commands to evil at the risk of severe punishment in the Hereafter. We cannot thus trust the evil-commanding self (nafs al-ammara) which always tries to deceive us.

Deception of the self is various. For example, it presents this worldly life as if eternal. The continuity of life of the world makes it fall for the delusion of the continuity of its self. It never thinks of the hour of death and forgets the death.

It also accepts this world as the place of enjoyment. There cannot be any high objective, it thinks. It does its best to get the most out of the pleasures of life.

Another thing is that it does not think of the end and the results of its deeds. It does not wish to preoccupy itself with the imminent end it will meet.

Although a non-practicing Muslim is in danger more than a practicing Muslim, both face these dangers during their life.

No doubt we are all in need of a perfect guide to reach that eternal happiness in an eternal life; a guide that will make us traverse this sea of worldly life to the abode of peace which is Paradise. It has to be a guide that “does not deceive, does not ask anything from people, and practises what he suggests them to do, knows the meaning of life, shows the map of two worlds, gives the direction to the abode of peace, and takes people there – Paradise – through the shortest and safest route.”

By completing this journey safely and reaching that destination, Muslims will secure their selves and guarantee an eternal life of bliss.


We have the most perfect guide, alhamdulillah.

Allah (Jalla Jalāluhū) has made this universe the place of demonstration. We can observe the limitless manifestations of His beauty and perfection in this place. Seeing all these beauties and perfections we cannot help thanking Allah for all that He has bestowed upon us. This leads us to learn the proper way of thanking Him, in other words servanthood.

Allah has shown the best examples of servanthood to mankind through His Messengers (peace be upon them all).  And He has bestowed the greatest station of servanthood in the example of the Final Messenger, Muhammad (alayhissalatu wassalam).

All of the beauty, perfection, Divine names and art that Allah (swt) wishes to reveal are seen on the Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him). Allah has made His messenger’s state a model for all the other people. And He urged all of them to “follow” him (alayhissalatu wassalam), so that his beautiful states also become reflected in others.

The first necessary step to take to follow him is of course to accept Islam. Then a Muslim must observe the types of obligatory and compulsory action (fard and wājib) which form a part the Lofty Sunnah. Observing or practicing these actions cause one to deserve eternal reward of Paradise, inshaAllah.

(Let’s not underestimate Paradise – the abode of peace. It is the shore of safety where you reach absolute happiness. It is away from worries. There is no misguidance or sin. It is not the place of work but pleasure.)

In addition to the types of obligatory and compulsory, all the other themes of the lofty sunnah are like a compass pointing to the qibla, clarifying the direction of a ship. They are like a light switch in dangerous and dark hallways.

By submitting to the sunnah, we can escape from all of the hesitations, get rid of uncertainty and avoid satanic insinuations and worries like “is this the right course of action to take?” and “is this of benefit?”

Finally, if we do love Allah, then we must follow the Beloved of Allah. If we do not follow him, that means we do not have love of Allah. The verse “(O Muhammad) Say, ‘If you do love Allāh, follow me; Allāh will love you.’” (Qur’ān: Āl-i ‘Imrān, 3:31)refers to this.

Anyone who believes in Allah will indubitably obey the command in this sublime verse. And he will eventually realise that the soundest and shortest of all paths of obedience is without doubt the path that the Beloved of Allah, Muhammad alayhissalatu wassalam, guided to and himself travelled along.