The Pen 30th issue

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Editor’s letter: The person who has lived the Qur’an in his life the most Yunus Emre PEHLİVAN

Answers to the claims of Deism Mustafa TOPOZ

Four functions of Sunnah Ali CIRIT

Our duty is to serve Dr Muhammed BOSTAN 

Cooperation and division of labour Zeynelabidin YILDIRIM

The moment we are most close to Allah Arif Emre GUNDUZ

Essence of the intention Kudret UGUR

Those who have hardship in wealth, and wealth in hardship Idris TUZUN

Broken mirrors, broken worlds Dr Ebuzer OZKAN 

One who eats halal does not become rebellious Recep Said YILDIRIM

Keeping one’s promise Ali SEMERCI

Cure to the believers Zafer ZENGIN

It is worth being in a spiritual struggle with the pen Ibrahim SARITAS

Patience is a must, my son! Ahmed Hüsrev ACAR

I belong to my family! Dr Mirza INAK

Kufic script Mustafa YILMAZ

A subtle point regarding two hadiths

Eat together

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  1. The articles are good logically tuned and truth prevails. Hope u people will continue show the true journalism that is the need of the hour.

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